Craft of Writing – Imaginative


Working at McDonalds was the first job I ever had. I was hired when I was 15 years old. My most memorable moment was my first day at work. I was anxious, confused and overstressed. I didn’t know what to expect and found everything being explained at speeds that I could not comprehend. Although this was the case, my manager Bernadette was very considerate towards my inability to put the new environment into place. She taught me how to cook, serve, clean, wash and all the procedures to follow in an unsafe environment. Once I gained experience through many hours of work I became more confident and less worried. I began to make many new friends and working at McDonalds brought large amounts of enjoyment, rather then a new experience to be apprehensive about. While suffering from burns when cooking in the kitchen, I also had to be weary of dangers that lurked outside the place. A robbery occurred not long after I was trained at McDonalds, lots of cash was stolen from the register at the drive-through window. A man got out of his car after he ordered his meal; he then pushed an employee aside and grabbed the money out of the draw. He then drove away, but his number plate was luckily caught by the video camera. My life was not always at risk from getting dangerous burns from the extremely hot grills. There were other dangers that loomed within…

“Hey Genna! What time are you working until tonight?” I asked with enthusiasm.

“Midnight, how about you?” she responded with a smile. Genna is my closest friend at work; she is quite tall and very expressive in all of her emotions.

“Alex, get back to work!” Mark angrily growled at me with a disgusted face. Mark is extremely tall and very strong, but his immature attitudes make him a great companion.

“Sorry Sir!” I apologized while resuming my uncompleted task of mopping the floors.

“Alex, can you mop faster!” Jeremy exclaimed with a grin on his face. Jeremy was a small and thin boy, but one that can never stop talking.

“Leave him alone Jeremy!” Adrian yelled. Adrian is nearly as tall as Mark and has a kind personality that does not match his threatening physical appearances. Everybody I was working with was my age.

<Beep, beep> Alice ran to serve the car waiting at the back of the restaurant. Alice is quite a tall and thin girl with a quiet and caring personality. She ran towards the drive- through window to serve the customer.

“Tonight is going to be an awesome fun night don’t you think Alex?” Jeremy questioned.

“Something is not right” I replied.

“Huh?!” Jeremy laughed off my comment as a joke.

I thought to myself: Genna is getting changed in the changing rooms, Adrian is up front serving customers, Jeremy is standing near me making burgers and Mark is counting cash in the Manager’s office. Alice? Yes, she was serving the car at the back of the restaurant. But, one car does not take 5 minutes to serve. The order has already been put through, but the customer has not moved to the next window to receive the meal. That’s odd!

Without hesitation I ran to the back of the restaurant still holding onto my mop.

“What’s wrong Alex? Gee...You’re obsessed with Alice! Stop going to see her!”

Yes, I did like her, but now was not the time. Something just wasn’t quite right. I reached the drive-through window and found she was nowhere to be seen. I checked the storage room, the fridge and the freezer. She was nowhere to be found. I went back to the drive through window and found that not only was she gone, but so was the register. I ran to the Manager’s office and yelled “Mark! Robbery!” He wasn’t there, so I yelled it again, but, he still didn’t respond. I noticed he was serving customers at the front of the building, but, why wasn’t he moving? I walked up to him and shouted his name again to grab his attention, but then I saw Alice. But, it wasn’t just Alice, it was Alice crying, with a gun to her head and