Cowboys Don't Cry
By Marilyn Halvorson

Cowboys don't cry is about Shane Morgan is the son of Josh Morgan and their troubles in life. Shane's mom died when he was a boy. Shane grew up with his dad moving from place to place with a trailer to be in the rodeo circuit as a rodeo clown. Then one day Josh gets a letter from a lawyer that says. His grand father died and has inherited his ranch and they could move there right away. They decided to move to the ranch.
When Shane and his dad get to Alberta Canada, he goes to the Deer Valley School. Josh parks in the fire line. So the principal comes out and yells at Josh to move it. So he get offended then goes to beat him up. But then levees in the truck a drives off. Then the principal goes to Shane. He says "are you the new kid" invites him then shows him his classes.
Shane rides the school bus for the first time. Meets a cute girl with hair the color of angel's mane (Shane's moms horse). Then during lunch Shane sees some guys smoking and they teases him because he doesn't. Then the beats him. When Bart was beating Shane up the blonde girl came to rescues him.
Shane gets home from school and let's the horses graze out of the pasture. later that night the blonde girl came and told shane that one of the horses were tangled in the barbed wire fence. When he got there he noticed that it was angel and gets her lose then take he to the barn then he finds out her name is Casey. Casey's mom is a vet and cleans up Angles wounds. Shane goes to sleep then he was awoke by the truck of his dads it pulls up in front of the barn then his dad and Jeff got out. His dad just stares at him then levees. But Jeff get in a fight with Shane then Jeff Walks away.
Shane enter the race up and down Snake hill. Shane was racing against the kid that Beat him up Bart willard. Bart came in first but no one cared because he always won. Shane came is second and he got treated like he came in first. Later that day Shane went home and found a note that said his dad went to get groceries. He sees the newspaper on the table and read joshes article him got a score of 88 points. Just then he heard a noise like a motor bike. Shane looked out Josh had bought a bran-new one, with the prize money from the rodeo.
Shane went to the dance after school. He danced with Cheryl (Barts girlfriend) When Bart saw him dancing with her. Bart got mad whet to beat him up and decided not too. Josh got up early and went to get a Job. Shane went to work for Caseys mom to pay her off for her help with Angel. Jeff levees to go back to Cheyenne (Shanes old home town). Shane tries' out for Zone championships for track and made it.
Josh didn't go home. Later Shane goes to Caseys house to study and levees a note on the table for Josh. Josh came to Caseys house drunk. Shane got on his bike then took off getting faster and faster. Now he was going as fast as he could. He took a wide turn and hit a green car and got Knocked out. He had a broken leg and other things wrong. Two or Three minutes later his dad came and left then the ambulance came. The next day he woke up in the hospital and saw his mom but it was only caseys mom. Josh didn't return so Caseys mom let him live with them. Later they went to a rodeo and he found Josh as a rodeo clown. Shane leaned on the fence and it fell. he got up and the Bull chased him the Josh saved him. later They got lives back together.

Other places, other times
Shane lets the horses go to feed on the grass and graze. Later Casey goes to his house to