Courage Essay

Throughout the movie, “Power Of One,” there was one
character who showed the best example of genuine courage.
PK was one of the most courageous figures that has ever been
seen in our history. He compiled all the virtues of courage
together to help others that were suffering around him.
PK chose to act for the good even when he was a small
boy. When he was sent to boarding school he avoided the
temptation of joining his peers in a foolish belief in
Nazism, and kept to himself. When he was living in the
prison he saw that the blacks were being treated unfairly
and like animals. He chose to act for the good by treating
them as he would treat anyone else. When PK grew older and
left the prison he saw that nothing had changed, and that
the black community was still being treated unfairly. Once
again PK chose to do good and helped them in their struggle
for a better life.
When PK trove to do good, he was always doing this in
the face of harm. Back then what he was doing was severely
frowned upon by the white community. Blacks were thought as
subhuman, and anyone that thought otherwise was a rebel in
their minds. When PK was a child he snuck tobacco leaves
into the prison for the black inmates, even though he knew
the consequences of being caught. Also while in the prison
he led a silent revolt against the guards, by having the
prisoners sing a song that made fun of them. PK at this
time once again knew the consequences of being caught, but
did this to raise the spirits of the inmates. When he grew
older he saw that the black community could not fight the
white government without education. So he found a way to
bring members of the black community into a school and teach
them the basics of reading and writing. In turn these
people would go back to their villages and teach what they
learned. In this example PK was caught but later it proved
that young children in the black community were able to read
and write.
PK loosened the grip of fear by being strong inside and
out. When he was very young he went to a witch doctor to
help him cope with his fears, and it worked. While he
originally went to cure his bed wetting problem, his meeting
with the witch doctor helped him become a man with very
little fear. When he was older and living in the prison he
learned to box in order to become a better fighter. A
better fighter he did become, but he also became a better
thinker. These two feats helped him drastically loosen the
grip of fear on his life, and enable him to do better things
for the well being of others.
Overall PK’s struggle for doing good was tremendous, and
he proves an excellent role model for anyone wanting to
become a hero.

Another great hero of this century was Oskar Schindler.
Born and raised a wealthy Catholic German, he unlike others
saw senseless suffering around him, and did his best to stop
it. Though many saw him as a womanizing drunk, there is no
question whatsoever that he is a truly courageous man.
After his wealthy family went broke, Oskar started his
own business. He soon regained financial stability and
became well known among the German upper class. When he
became well known he also created a lot of valuable
connections. At this time World War 2 had already started
along with the Nazis search for the superior race. This
race however did not include people of the Jewish faith.
Schindler saw that the Jewish people were being stripped of
all their dignity and treated unfairly. Though the country
made this “ethnic cleansing” law, Schindler knew that no
such law could be just. So in order to do good he decided
to help these people. To do good he helped these people
stay out of the concentration camps where they would be
murdered, and put them to work in a safe environment.
His efforts to save the lives of thousands of Jews was
not without danger though. Schindler knew that if he was
ever caught, his punishment would be horrible. He would be
declared an enemy of the state, and put to death. One thing
that kept him away from trouble was his playboy lifestyle.
At that time nobody would think that a womanizing party
animal, would try to go against the government. Schindler
was arrested twice by the Gestapo, but was released because
of his many connections. One deed