Control Measures

What is your opinion of population control measures in China?
It is well known everywhere that over population has been, and is still a growing problem amongst the world. Some countries like China have come up with inhumane solutions to this problem, something needs to be done, but there is no reason to invade the lives of innocent citizens.
The U.S. is taking initiative to reduce population. Reducing the population would keep the world suitable for living. At the rate we are going now, in another fifty years the world will be so crowded that there will most likely be a massive food shortage. Not to mention an increase in poverty. America is trying to solve this problem by revising the welfare laws, and educating students about safe sex, teen pregnancy, and over population. America is hoping to see a decrease in the population soon.
Since 1979, China has been using a policy which they thought would end their big problem with over population. This policy is called the One Child Policy. This policy states that each couple should only have one child. If they want a second child then they have to pay a large fee and if they have a second child without paying a fee then they could be put in jail but even worst their child could be taken away or even killed. The One Child Policy is a cruel invasion of privacy, true it has decreased the population, but only a little. More people are being hurt by this policy then helped due to this policy.
Some of the very few good points about this policy are: The One Child Policy helps will family planning. It allows parents to plan out when they want to have kids. They can go ahead and start saving money to prepare for their child. Parents are also able to spend more time with their child. There would also be no sibling rivalry. The policy also allows couples who already have a child not to have anymore if they are not financially stable. Due to this policy if a couple would like to have another child they have to pay a fee, and if they cannot pay this fee then most likely they don't have the money to raise two children. And Finally there has been a small decrease in the birth rate, but China is still suffering.
The One Child Policy definitely has more bad points than good which would include: There is a very short description for the types of children becoming of this policy. Fat, lazy, and spoiled brats. It turns out that spending to much time with your children can be bad. The parents of those little warriors have so much time with there one child that they end up spoiling them. By giving then everything they want, not only material things but also all the food they can possibly stomach is making them an obsessed and ungrateful generation.
Because of China's love for little boys, when mothers find out the sex of their unborn child some abort the unborn girls or give birth than abandon or even kill the little girls. The One Child Policy goes beyond telling strangers that their expecting a child, but the MHC's also have to keep up with the monthly cycle, basically their sex life. Women are also put on birth control and if they don't take it they could risk going to jail.
It is a known fact that over population is a problem. But there has to be a better way. Asking a complete stranger wether it is okay to bare a child, getting permission to live your life is not a better way. No one should be able to control anybodies leave besides their own.