Consider the influences that have most affected the opinions and ways of life of young people in your country in recent years.

The influences of any country can be seen though the culture of that country. The culture of a country can be said to be the completeness of the country, which includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society. The younger generation make it an object in their lives to be part of this culture and so the customs of a country are the main influence that affects the opinions of youths.

The greatest and most widespread of influences in a country is that of the media. The media comprises of many types such as that of the television, which includes movies, music, reading material for example books, magazines and newspapers and the Internet. These influences, bad that they are, reach far and wide over Trinidad and the customs are accepted by the youths. In music for instance, each genre is fitted to different young cliques in society and the lyrics in each type of music influence the children in a different way. The genre of rap can influence the child into thinking he needs to have as many sexual relationships, do as many types of drugs, to drink as many expensive alcoholic drinks and to have as much money as possible to be a ‘man’. Whereas the genre of rock can be said to influence youths into committing suicide, killing other students and basically ‘worshipping the devil’. The television is another terrible influence as it exposes youths to situations they should not be exposed to example sex. If youths see sexual activity on the television screen they will accept what they see as the ‘norm’ and not see anything wrong with having premarital sex.

The other influence youth have is from their peers. Peer pressure is a great influence because everyone in life needs to feel this sense of belonging to a group of people. Hence youths would not alienate their peers by; not joining various activities, not going to nightclubs and generally not being opposed to anything their group does. The danger of peer pressure is that young adults do not say ‘no’ until it is to late. An example would be that of peers and alcohol and drugs. Some consider these addictive substances ‘cool’ and encourage their friends to use these addictions telling them they would feel better and have more fun if they did but these substances make you loose control of yourself and anything dangerous can occur like death.

The good influence in teenage life would be that of school. Many institutions have after-school activities, which talk about the influences youths face and what to do about these influences. They help show the positive of living a good life and that even though one might loose friends the right way is the way to live. They prepare you for the world trying to instil moral and ethical values in you so that the person today can be a better person tomorrow.

These influence both good and bad are what make up the character of a person so it can by safe to say that if a person allows the bad examples to control their lives, they would not live a happy fulfilling life. This means that people need to start controlling what influences affect their lives and start censuring out the bad, that parents need to take an active role in their children’s lives by monitoring who they go out with and where they go. If the bad influences of the youth society are not destroyed then they are just transferred to the adult society ruining and degrading the nation.