Congresswoman Tricia Hunter
P.O. Box 307
Sacramento, CA 90463

Dear Congresswoman:
I am for the new law that California State Legislature is considering passing which would require that students have a minimum of a “C” average to advance to the next grade level. This is a very good law to be passed and I intend to explain why in this letter.

Schools would benefit from this law financially. Because of this law, students would have greater incentive to attend school, bringing in more money for the daily allowance schools receive based on attendance. This would be great for the school, and the local community by providing more money for books, computers, and possibly even teachers. It would also keep the school in better shape aesthetically and functionally with more money to spend on maintenance and beautification. Just having the students there at all would bring in more money for the school instead of them dropping out. There are a lot of high school dropouts who drop out because they feel that they are not doing well in school, but if they are doing well, they may stay in. This would keep the students off the streets during school, and allow them to have an opportunity at finishing high school. Obviously, there is a positive economic impact on the school system if this law is put in to effect.

This law would get students used to the same consequences and pressures that they would have to deal with after their education has been completed. Being put under the pressures that this law creates would better prepare students for their jobs or careers. In a way, this would also help economically because with better-prepared students for the workplace, there would be less unemployment, which is better for the economy. This will also help businesses because they will have better workers overall possibly bringing in more customers. If students decide to get a higher education, colleges would be the same as schools, except that the student is paying for it. This will make better students in college with a higher percentage rate finishing to get their degree. More people will be eligible for college. This would most definitely help students after high school is over.

Other students in the high school would benefit from this, too. Because students will have to try harder, there will be less clowning around and disruption to other students. Though students tend to like the “class clowns”, there should be no place for them in the classroom due to the disruption that they cause to the learning process. Teachers sometimes find these “clowns” amusing, but the amount of time they waste adds up, and the other students in addition to the “clowns” need to try harder to keep their grades up. This would also bring up a more studious student who would be less likely to go around causing fights in school. Fighting is another disruption in school that could cause other students to lose focus during class. The school campus would be a better place overall with no fights. Even if the other students in the school do not benefit largely from this law, they certainly do not lose anything.

This law is in the best interest of California as the facts listed here clearly state. Those who oppose this law may try to say that it would cost more to educate the students, but as I stated in the second paragraph, this would bring in more money for the schools. Please try to see that this is what is best for California.