Congratulations Class of 2003!

Anyone can learn the Pythagorean Theorem or memorize the chronological names of the U.S. presidents. However, when it is your turn to face the music, your time to be in charge, your recitation of the 50 states and capitals will leave you nowhere. I am not saying the “cliché’s” high school experience is worthless, far from it.

As you graduate, you all get your ticket to the show, the ride, the adventure. It is up to you to cash it in. You get an infinite amount of chances in your lives. Chances to win, lose, or simply play the game. The odds are often against us, but don’t underestimate the value of being the odd man. You have been taking chances ever since you walked into your freshman year…taking a chance asking someone to a dance, taking a chance throwing a touchdown, taking a chance pressing that snooze button one more time…

Now I am going to offer you one more chance…take it or leave it. Right here, right now, I am going to hold a raffle. Your raffle ticket is underneath your chairs. And the winning # is 23840511. Now there is good news and bad news…you all have winning tickets. You, the graduating class of 2003, have the opportunity to change the world. You have the chance to save lives, create masterpieces, and build castles in the clouds. The bull is rushing at you now, my friends. You can drop the cape and run, or learn how to scream! For you are the mapmakers, the dreamrakers, and the shiners of the sunbeams. Life is coming to theatres near you in the blink of an eye, and you have the ticket. All you have to do is cash it in.