Conflict Between Good and Evil in Religion

Judaism, Christianity, Zoroastrianism all evolved at different places and at different times. However, they all ended up with the same basic theme, that good and evil must come into direct conflict and that good will always triumph over evil.
Judaism is among the oldest of living religions. It began about four thousand years ago with a Chaldean named Abram, or Abraham. He revolted against the idol worship of his native people and believed that only one god should be worshipped. Historically, Judaism has had a relatively small following, although it has given rise to two more popular religions, Christianity and Islam. Judaism believes in one omnipotent god who is the creator of everything, who is eternal, and who communicates to people through chosen people called prophets. Abraham was the first of these prophets. Later in the history of Judaism, it is believed that God revealed five books called the Torah to Moses. The Torah includes Ten Commandments banning actions that are considered to be immoral by the Jewish people. They believe that God granted humans free will so that they are able to choose between good and evil. If a person chooses not to follow the Torah, they are considered to be immoral, evil, and in league with Godís rival Satan. In the afterlife these people will cast into a place of endless suffering called Hell.
Christianity is a religion that descended directly from Judaism. It is based on the teachings of a man named Jesus Christ, who Christians believe is both the son of God and God in a human form. It is believed that he died by crucifixion to rid mankind of sin. In Christianity, it is believed that no matter how many sins a person has committed in a lifetime, they all can be cleansed by confession of these sins to God. Anyone who believes in and accepts Jesus Christ as the savior as mankind is accepted into Heaven. Anyone who chooses not to believe in Christ and not to confess their sins to God has chosen to consort with Satan and fight directly against God, and are, like in Judaism, sent to Hell.
Zoroastrianism is a monotheistic religion drawn from the teachings of a person named Zoroaster in Eastern Iran. Zoroastrianists worship a god named Ahura Mazda. Ahura Mazdaís enemy is called Angra Mainyu, who created evil. Its main emphasis is in being as morally perfect as possible. This includes being honest, modest, pure of thought, and showing a healthy appreciation for the creations of Ahura Mazda. Zoroaster believed that Ahura Mazda and Angra Mainyu are in direct conflict, and that humans must choose between good and evil. When someone dies, the deeds committed in their lives are weighed on a special scale. Mostly good souls are allowed into heaven, and mostly evil souls are pushed into Hell by default. Unlike many religions, Zoroastrianism has a gray area in the afterlife. One of these realms is a temporary kingdom where balanced souls go. These souls are later allowed to choose between good and evil. It is destined that Ahura Mazda and Angra Mainyu will eventually do battle. Souls in Heaven will fight for Ahura Mazda, and souls in Hell will fight with Angra Mainyu. The souls in the temporary kingdom will be once again allowed to choose between good and evil. Ahura Mazda will inevitably win the battle and Hell will be destroyed along with the temporary kingdom and all else will be created anew. The good souls will live happily in the new earth and heaven, and the evil souls will be cast into darkness.
The ancient Egyptian religion is polytheistic. It was believed that before earth was created there was only chaos, four snakes, and four frogs. After a while, Atum came from the water, created order and water among other things, and promptly had his own children, Shu and Tefnut. His children, in a slightly less autoerotic move than their father, marry each other and have two kids, Geb and Nut. Geb and Nut, seeing no other options, marry each other and despite their colored past, are able to have four more children, Osiris, Isis, Seth, and Nephtys. Osiris marries Isis and they have a son named Horus. Seth is jealous of his brotherís