Computer Science is the study of computer's and their interaction with the web and programs. In Computer Science one can learn how to make web pages, design software, and make programs. In this day and age everyone needs to have a computer and know how to use it. Computer Science is the most basic thing for computers, but is a must to know.
Interpersonal Communication:
An interpersonal relationship occurs when people "get beyond roles" in the situation. It may lead to potential relationships at some level, not just romantic relationships. You must be able to talk to the person(s) that you are working with or working for. You must be able to hear what they are saying and turn it around and the project that you are assigned. You must be able to communicate with that person and hopefully take their criticism and maybe give some of your own at the same time. You have to develop a certain type of relationship with the people that you work with and the jobs you have to accomplish. Working with computers you must learn them and how to use them. Every person has a different way they type, a different style, so every one has a special way in which they use their computer. Some like it this way and some like it another. A person must develop a bond with that computer they will learn to like their computer and only their computer. No other computer is the same. I know I like to use my computer because I know exactly how to use it and when something is wrong I know how to fix it. It is just a bond between man and machine. You must talk to the computer (telling it what to do) and you will get your result (the computer talking back to you).
Presentational Speaking:
Presentational Speaking is more or less the speaking in front of a group for a purpose. It is to present something to a group so that they can learn more about it or learn about it. You use this in Computer Science because you might have to give a presentation, depending on the direction you go when you are there. You must learn the computer so that you know how to use it to make a presentation and to give that presentation. In Computer Science you may also develop a program to make the computer talk so that it will do that presentation for you.
Nonverbal Communication:
Nonverbal Communication is the communication with out communicating. It is a nonverbal way of talking, which is perfect for a computer. The communication that you make with the computer is like no other you cannot talk to a computer and have it talk back to you like your friends would. But your computer can do so much more than anything else can. It can be your new best friend. In the Computer Science field most of the work or research, that do is done, is done with out talking to the computer. You don't tell the computer to do something you have to help it along. When you write a program, give it the write commands and the computer will do that program. You have to learn to trust your computer and in turn your computer will trust you. I know that really does not make a lot of sense but it the truth. A computer will not do what you want it to do unless you do it right. In Computer Science the field is so wide on what you can do but it is all computers, none of them should talk. So you have to learn to use them.
Mass Media:
Mass Media is the publicity that you will get or the publicity that you help someone to get. In Computer Science if you do your work good enough and right you may get the publicity that you deserve for a job well done. The media will pick up on the accomplishments that you have made by designing the most graphical web page ever. You get so much publicity that you can't believe what is happening. The making of the first computer was probable one of the biggest things to ever happen. It was covered by the