Computer Knowledge

Advanced Computer Science

September 16, 2003

Most people only know the simple functions of a computer and roughly understand the concepts of the programs on their computers. I, on the other hand, have studied computers in different ways during my four years at Prep. I am now learning how to be a computer technician.

First I started off learning the basics by building my own computer and then installing all of its programs including the OS[1]. This I enjoyed and so I pursued to build 5 more computers. Soon this became a very simple task for me, and I craved to learn more, but I will explain that further in my essay.

I have been certified as a MOUS[2] in Microsoft Excel and Word Core. There are different types of certification, core and expert. I hope to be certified in expert in the near future. In order to receive this certification, I took classes at Henkels & McCoy. Then after all my hard work I went to a testing center took the two tests, but not in the same day. I was lucky and passed both easily.

“So what kind of class should I take now,” I thought, since I have already been trained in the basics. “A-plus!” What is A-plus? A-plus is a class that aids people in the certification for a computer technician. I am now working on that certification and I hope to achieve the status of a computer technician in the near future. Every Saturday I go to my class and for eight and a half hours, minus a half an hour lunch, I learn more about computers and the many problems that can occur. I also learn how to fix these problems. We have group learning sessions in which we discuss, review or even do labs where we have to fix a problem on a computer.

One subject that I would like to learn more about is computer maintenance. Most PC owners today think their computers are disposable. (Pruitt, p.3) Well on the contrary most problems are quite easy to fix. I only know the basics of this subject, but it is enough to keep a computer safe. One important thing to remember is to clean the blades of the cooling fans with canned air. (Pruitt, p.2) Did anyone ever wonder why the ball on his or her mouse becomes hard to move? That is because is also important to clean your mouse to stop the sticking.

Lastly, I hope that people can learn from their computer mishaps with the help of me in the future, when I become a computer technician. I cannot wait to take my certification test in January and I have the confidence backed up with the intelligence to pass it.

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A+ Computers Course Technology Copyright 2000

[1] OS = Operating System

[2] MOUS = Microsoft Office User Specialist