Compare and Contrast Montag and Beatty

Charlie Trainum
Core 4
F451: Compare and contrast Montag and Beatty

In the novel, Fahrenheit 451, there are differences and similarities between Montag and Beatty. One is their level of knowledge of books. Another is their feelings. The last is their feelings on their jobs. These are several differences and similarities between Montag and Beatty.

One difference between Montag and Beatty is their knowledge of books. Montag has little knowledge of the "meaning" of books while Beatty knows about their meaning. Their "meaning" is less than nothing. They kept getting less used and more and more minorities didnít like several of them. (we canít have any minorities sad, can we?) Beatty thinks that, due to books "meaning," all books make no sense while Montag doesnít believe him and thinks (and finds out) that books have real meaning. Like I said, Montag and Beatty have different knowledge of books.

Another difference between Montag and Beatty are their feeling. Montag is a determined person. Beatty seems to be strong. But, in the end, Beatty finally wants to end his life, heís given up. Montag feels that the world has lost half of itís feelings. Beatty doesnít, heís part of that world. Their feelings are different is ways.

The last thing that I will compare is the way that Montag and Beatty feel about their jobs. Montag and Beatty, throughout 1/3 of the novel, feel about burning books and their houses. Once somebody gets burned, Montag starts changing his attitude. He doesnít want to burn anymore. Itís kind of ironic that Beatty was done in while burning a house. Those are the differences and similarities about their jobs and the feelings that go with it.

Iíve shown several different things. One was their level of "knowledge" on books. The second was their feelings. The third was their feelings about their jobs, being a fireman. Their are differences and similarities that are too numerous to mention in any report.