Communication arts
Usually, when you know something is going to be a big success, you go for it, try
your best. Not this time. At a Beck concert, everything was a big mess! It was a concert
that was filled, almost all the tickets were sold. For what-ever reason that the band had, it
was a really big "screw up". The problem wasn't the singing, or music playing, it was the
childish behavior!
Out of curiosity, who would turn a concert, that was filled with people, and
planning to be a big success into a bunch of "spontaneous maniacs"? Got me. On
September 17th, 1998, Beck had a concert. It was going well until the band members
started banging their instruments everywhere, on the speakers, the floor, and making a
HUGE disaster.
I think that (from 1) this means Beck's concert would involve many opportunities
in the future, but they made the "CHOICE" to throw that all away. A creation is right. I'm
not sure where the childish behavior would get them, but obviously not far. I don't think I
would chose my future over having "fun", if that's what they think they were doing. They
worked so hard, and they mess it all up in one day. The articles gives some hints here and
there, about this "circus" behavior had maybe a little to do with the bands past experiences.
It took them forever to make there song a hit, but now that it's there, all they think is about
the past, and how terrible it was.
Personally, I think that to blame the future on the past is some-what ridicules. The
past is over with, you should respect what you have now, appreciate it. Take pride and
dignity not, disrespect and harm.
To throw a typewriter ( 2) is just so extrodenary stupid, I don't think I can even
relate to the person who did this. The way that is said "child's play", has absolutely
everything to do with this. I don't even think my 8 year old brother is capable of doing
something so stupid!
When I heard the quote ( 5) I thought people who actually are overwhelmed by
forces, is a good thing. It makes them feel somewhat a little less full of them selves. They
think they can do anything and after all the pressure, it doesn't make them feel on a
"higher" level.
I put the word "higher" in parenthesize because no one actually knows what higher
is. How much higher. Is it the amount of strength, money, power etc. Or all in one. It's just
a word that can mean to may thing at one time.