Coming to America

My life in Haiti was very hard, as you may know it is a third‑world country. The school system in Haiti is very different from here, teachers have the right to beat you whenever they feel like it. There is a lot more to study and memorize. A day in school will consist from 7 am to 3 pm in the afternoon. The walk to school is about a hour long. Also, waiting for a taxi cab is a hassle because there is no such thing as a school bus. The kids in America are very fortunate to have such service.

During the summer vacation I did a little bit of traveling with my cousin. We went to Maryland, New Jersey and New York. While I traveled I looked out the window and the cities were so beautiful. Iíve watch places in America on tv but never thought one day I would be able to participate and contribute in such a great country. We went to Six Flags amusement park. I was amazed I never been on a roller coaster before in my life. I could not wait to try it. I couldnít believe my eyes I never knew such rides and attractions. We also went shopping, its amazing how a pair of shoes who cost $80 here cost about 500$ in Haiti. A cell phone which is $ 80 will reach about $600 in Haiti.

When I first knew I was coming here, I was very excited because when I was younger I visited the US but I did not stay for long. I stayed at my uncleís house during the trip. I realized it was such a beautiful country. Everybody seem to live at peace, I dint hear any shooting slept with ease. America was like a dream come true. There is never shortage of food. When I was leaving my only regrets were the rest of my family that I was leaving behind. My father, mother, my little sisters and other relatives. I miss my parents a lot but I knew it was an opportunity to begin a new life and bring hope to my family form the struggles in Haiti. I would have to succeed and make my family proud.

I was nervous because I would have to live in a new country, my environment will be different, also learning a new language was one of my biggest worries. I stayed with my cousins, we attended the same school in Haiti. I knew he would make me feel at home. I had to take shots and visit the doctor, so I can register to go to Stamford High. I was worried about being the only Haitian kid there. I was wrong there was a lot of Haitians. A lot of the students were in the same situations in the school. My cousin told me this school was great because last year he graduated from it. My other cousin goes to this school and she is a junior so she looks after me. American school system was much better than the Haitian school system in Haiti. The kids could talk all they want and class. The teacher canít beat on you. The school was clean, there were food, lights and lot of pretty girls. I was very happy. It felt like Heaven to go to school everyday.

I wanted to get involved in the school activities so I joined the Haitian club, next year I will get involve in playing American Football. I watched it on tv but never thought one day I would I the chance to play. I am glad I left Haiti because right now they are going through tough times. There is chaos we donít have a president. A Lot of people are killing each other over power.

In conclusion America is a great place for opportunities and new beginnings. I am so fortunate that I have the chance to stay here. There is a lot of other kids who are not lucky like I am. This is why I thank God every day for giving me this chance.