Colonial Period

The colonial period was A time of much change, as is the

modern period. Many people viewed things differently in the

colonial period than they do today. The people of the

colonial period had much more traditional values than the

people of today. The people of the colonial period thought

of religion much more sternly than I do. John Winthrop

believed in a very stern God. John Winthrop writes, "Now if

the Lord shall please to hear us, and bring us in peace to the

place we desire, then hath he ratified this Covenant and

sealed our Commission, [and] will expect a strict

performance of the Articles contained in it" (43). He believes

that God acts completely as he wishes, without any thought

for man. Samuel Sewall used religion to help him when he

needed help. In his diary, Samuell Sewall writes, "...My Son,

the minister, came to me p.m. by appointment and we pray

one for another in the Old Chamber; more especially

respecting my Courtship"(63). Sewall only acted religious

when it was convenient for him. I personally believe in a God

much more caring than that Winthrop believed in. I also

believe that God is always around, not just when I need him.

Different people have many different religious beliefs.

Throughout history, views of love have changed. Anne

Bradstreet valued love as a strong romantic bond. In

Bradstreet\'s poem, "To My Dear and Loving Husband" she

writes, "I prize thy love more than whole mines of gold, Or

all the ritches that Earth doth hold"(51). In this excerpt,

Bradstreet is speaking to her Husband. John Winthrop

viewed love as a religious bond between all men. He writes,

"Love is the bond of perfection" (39). Winthrop gives few

references to romantic love. I personally think of love as

something that people feel for each other just because they

are both people. I believe there is an element of love

between all people. Love is viewed differently by different

people, but these beliefs have little to do with what time

period these people lived in. It appears that as time goes by,

people view marriage more romantically, and less

economically. Samuell Sewell viewed marriage as a way to

advance monetarily. In his diary he writes, "I said \'twould

cost L100. per annum: she said twould cost but L40"(63).

This is just one example of him carefully calculating the costs

of marriage. Anne Bradstreet viewed marriage more of a

way of expressing love. In her poem, "To My Dear and

Loving Husband" Bradstreet writes, "If ever man were loved

by wife, then thee; If ever wife was happy in a man,

Compare with me ye women if you can"(51). Bradstreet

obviously married for romantic reasons. I believe marriage is

something that should be done for romantic reasons. This is

a popular belief in modern America. Throughout time,

marriage has changed greatly, and so have the reasons

people marry. I personally saw myself relating to Bradstreet

in many ways, but rarely agreeing with Winthrop or Sewell.

In conclusion, overall, the people of the colonial period had

more traditional values than people of today.