Every high school student has dreams of going to college. It seems like it is the cool thing to do. All the teachers tell kids to go to college, because they must be prepared for the future. So, all the kids want to get in on the action.

It is not enough to want to go to college. One must prepare for it by getting good grades and working hard. Once this is done, kids must make a final decision as to the college they want to go to.

Picking a college is tough. Several questions must be answered before there can be a final decision.

Probably the most important thing is to pick a school that can give you what you want. It is stupid to go to a forrestry school if you want mathmatics. So this part is very important.

Next, how much does it cost? If I can't afford a school, then I can't go there. That seems clear,but kids do it anyway.

Next, how far away from home do I want to be? A warm climate sounds good, but if it's far away from home, you will get homesick. It is tough to come home for a weekend if you want. It can be expensive, so this becomes very important.

Size is important. If I come from a big school, do I really want to go to a small one? Or vice versa.

How good are my grades? If I am a poor student, I wouldn't want to go to Harvard or a school known for academics. I might want to choose a junior college.

Is the school a safe place? Is it a party school? Do they care about students? How big are the classes? Are there tutors? If I like to date, what is the girl/boy ratio? Am I interested in sports and do I want to play sports, or just go to the big football games? All these are questions have to be answered before a final choice is made.

The college choice is an important one. It is not one that can be made lightly. Every kid should visit many schools and talk to many people about all the schools to find out whether that would be the place for them.