College Essay

My name is Aisha Jamila Marques. I am a seventeen-year old senior currently attending Benedictine Academy School for girls.
Benedictine Academy has truly been a learning experience. Through out my three years as a Benedictine girl, I have grown socially and mentally. The Benedictine faculty has helped me to be a well-rounded person, giving me educational knowledge, social skills and the ability to realize that there's nothing wrong with a little hard work. They have also taught me, as long as I dream I will always have goals to achieve.
One childhood dream which, I have turned into a goal, is to be wealthy and successful, know matter what occupation I may choose to follow. To reach this goal I know that I must work very hard and I believe that University of Maryland Eastern Shore will give me the challenge and preparation I need to meet my goals. After gathering as much information that I could and researching many possibilities, I think that University of Maryland Eastern Shore will help provide the extra edge that I will need in this very competitive job market. I will take advantage of the school wide array of knowledge and resources and use it to the best of my abilities. Not only will the University of Maryland Eastern Shore give me the best education and the experiences for my money; it will also bring out the best in me and push me further than my known limits of thinking. Giving me all the skills I need and than some to reach all my goals and all the dreams that I can think of.