College Entrance Essay

I wish I could say that I chose art to be my major because I wanted to rebel against my parents, but I cannot. They have been as supportive as parents could possibly be. I wish I could say that I chose it because I know I could not excel in anything academic, but that would also be a lie, because I have long been tempted by a career in history, mainly Western European. I wish I could say that my decision was influenced by my desire to seem eccentric to others, but that is not it either, because for a few individuals, other peopleís opinions have never mattered to me. The truth is nobody neither discouraged me nor pressured me. My family told me to chose what I wanted and I did, and I have stayed with that decision for six years.

Painting has always been an emotional outlet for me and a physical drain. After painting my first oil painting which took me thirty-eight hours, I crawled out of my art teacherís house hardly being able to pick my feet up and with every kind of muscle cramp that I could imagine, but I was exhilarated. Not only was it my creation, but I had put my dreams, my hopes, my loves, my fears, my strengths, and my weaknesses into it. After that moment I realized that this was what I wanted to give to the people around me. The energy I put into the canvas, I wanted to give back to the world. When I get my bachelors degree in Fine/Studio Arts, I plan to get a teaching certification so that I can teach high school students. The reason I chose high school is because I believe that to be the prime time to influence a student. In grade school children are too busy having fun, the same goes for middle school. By the time college comes around, the character of the person has already been formed, so the professor gives more of a technical guidance rather than one that can change the personality or influence the direction in which the person is going. In high school, the student really begins to listen to his or her teachers and usually at that age of reaching adulthood, a teachers influence can blend in with the real world experiences to form a well rounded person or just point him or her in the right direction.

My ultimate goal is not to become an art genius or to have my works recognized by millions in the centuries to come, not even to have a work end up in a museum. Not that I consider that to be completely impossible, otherwise I would have never gone into art, but what I really want to do is to give the love I have for art to someone else. To have one of my students want to sit in a museum staring at a painting for hours just like I do now. If I could accomplish that, then one part of me would be complete. If I could give this to the world, then I would be a whole person.