Coca-Cola vs Mars Bar

In your opinion which is the best product?

When comparing two products like a can of Coca-Cola and a mars bar, the first thing you have to take into count is that there is a big main difference between these two products, one is a soft drink and the other is a chocolate bar. There is no doubt that Coca-Cola is one of the most well known products world wide, but is it actually better than a mars chocolate bar?

The Coca-Cola beverage is the main product of The Coca-Cola Company, and it represents, in the Boston Matrix for The Coca-Cola Company, a cash cow product. The Coca-cola beverage is a product with a very high market share but a low market growth, so it is the net generator of funds for the company, so the company uses this product as a way to obtain funds for new product development. In other words, the Coca-Cola drink is basically what supports the company, which is only possible due to its high profits. The Mars bar is also a cash cow for Mars Incorporated, but as its market shares are reasonably smaller compared to the Coca-Cola market shares, it canít give the same support and financial supply to Mars Incorporated as Coca-Cola does. This causes Mars Incorporated product portfolio to have more mature products like the Mars bar to make profit and then be able to invest in new products, but at a slower rate then the Coca-Cola Company.

The Coca-Cola Company and the Mars Incorporated Company are structured in a very different way. The Coca-Cola Company invests in the Coca-Cola drink much more than it invests in all its other products. Advertisement and publicity for Coca-Cola canít be compared to any other product in The Coca-Cola Companyís product portfolio, also because The Coca-Cola has a unique worldwide product distribution, as they have more than 300 products, mostly consisted of beverages, which are distributed to over than 200 countries, but many of these products are sold in only one specific region, and some of them in only one country even. This is because they believe that different people like different beverages at different times and for different reasons, and this has proven to be a very efficient strategy as The Coca-Cola Company has become the global leader in the non-alcoholic beverages industry, but despite this, the Coca-Cola drink is sold in all of these countries, and in almost all of them is amongst the top soft drinks available in the market. Mars Incorporated, on the other side, manages its product portfolio in a very different way. It provides a vaster diversity of products and services in the areas of snack food (mars bar), main meal food, pet care, drinks, electronics and Information Technology, and many of these are amongst their category leaders and most of them available in more than 100 countries. As we can see, for Mars Inc. the Mars bar is of much less importance than Coca-Cola is for The Coca-Cola Company.

Both the Mars bar and the Coca-Cola drink have a similar life cycle. The Mars bar is a recent product compared to Coca-Cola, and it is now experiencing slight expansion strategies like although it hasnít quite reached a decline in sales, whilst Coca-Cola which was created 117 years ago in 1886 is dependent of expansion strategies. The Coca-Cola has to invest a lot in coca-cola, but it is very profitable to do so. Coca-Cola has changed packaging many times since it was invented, but it always had a positive impact on the customers and has managed to maintain sales along all these years. The Coca-Cola Company has launched some of the best advertising campaigns worldwide for the Coca-cola drink, and as a result of this, even in the most difficult times for the company, the Coca-Cola brand has managed to keep its sales.

In conclusion, I am of the opinion that a can of Coca-Cola is a better product than a Mars bar, as it has managed to create a successful multi-national company, whilst a Mars bar is almost just another product in the Mars Incorporated companyís product portfolio. The Coca-Cola is truly the spine of The Coca-Cola Company, which without it would be nothing. Coca-Cola