Cloning Journal

I went to the library again today, hoping can find some journal or some reference books on “Portalsite”. But I knew it is quite difficult to find some materials in this specific field. I would still give a shoot.
Half an hour past, yet I still didn’t see a word about portalsite in the reference section. The reference books on computer in the library were pretty outdated (no offence^_^), so I was not able to find anything about the newly developed field in Internet. All I could find is some general introduction to portalsite in some life-stylistic periodicals. The materials I found were surely no strong enough to support my point, or I could say they couldn’t give me some point to talk about. They just simply described what is portalsite; which site is considered good portalsite so far; how can a portalsite help us on the Internet and how intense the competition is about portalsite. These things can just give reader a rough outline about the portalsite, I felt I didn’t have a lot to write to talk to argue about. A portalsite is a portalsite, we don’t have something serious to argue. At most, we can just argue about a specific site is good or not; or what is the standard pattern for an efficient portalsite. According to what we learned in today’s class, controversy is always playing a important role in research paper. Any paper without controversy is generally not considered a good research paper. In the topic of portalsite, I can hardly apply any real controversy.
After today’s research work, I began to worry about my topic. But I will stick to it. People who always easily give up will never experience the joy of success after hard working. I hope things will become easier as I continue my research. “Portalsite” will be turned in tomorrow as my initial topic.
It’s the first week of the quarter, and the teacher has already informed us what is our final. We have a lot of time to do the preparation in this way. Though, the goal is pretty tough for me and my poor English.
The goal is a nice research paper, and hard working is the only way to approach. The research paper is successful or not really depends on the topic. And this is where I begin the work.
Sitting in the library quietly, I tried to grab every sparks in my brain. “The impeachment”; “The bombing to Iraq”; “Usage of forest source”; “Is human right in China really bad?”… After I made a list of all topics, I began to analyze the possibility of each one. Too many papers based on this topic; I can’t find strong evidence on this one; This topic is a little bit one-sided… Soon, I turned down all these topics. I knew some of them can be a good topic, but what I want is people really concern, some thing really effect our lives.
So I went to the librarian for advice. As I expected, she is very helpful. She told me that some time a small topic is better, especially for newcomer like me. A global issue is certainly very attractive, but most amateurs can manage it very well. In the opposite, local issue, small issue is easy to manage comparing to glabal one. Yet she still encouraged me to explore every topic I am interesting in and make my decision after that. “It will certainly help.” She said.
Meanwhile, I browsed round in the library, trying to be familiar with all the stuffs. I knew I would have a lot to do with library this quarter.

I have idled online for almost three hours. Read and replied email; browsed sport news; chatted…I didn’t plan to explore my topic today.
But an online journal changed my mind. This was a journal in “PC-World”, named “Portalsite”. Portalsite is a newly developed word about Internet. It refers to the web site that you make it as your home site. In another words, every time you access to Internet, your Internet browser will visit your portalsite as default. For example, S.C.C.C ’s web site is the portalsite when you are using computer in the lab to access Internet. If you