Christopher Columbus

Columbus was an Italian
and a Spanish navigator who sailed across the Atlantic in
search of Asia but accidentally found North America
instead. His Dad was a weaver and historians believe that he
took over the business, after that he may have also sailed
with a commercial agent when he was young. In 1476 he
sailed with a convoy heading for England but didn\'t make it
because they were attacked by pirates of the coast of
Portugal where his ship sank. After his ship sank, he swam
to shore and headed to Lisbon. His brother, Bartholomew,
lived there and worked as a cartographer. Based on
information he got from his trips, and by looking at maps and
charts, he concluded that the world was 25% smaller than
everyone thought and that it was mostly made up of land
instead of water. Based on these thoughts he believed that
he could get to Asia Faster by sailing west. In 1484 he took
his idea\'s to John the second (king of Portugal), asking him
to finance his idea. His proposal was rejecte! d by a royal
Maritime commission because of his miscalculations. After
that, he moved to Spain to try and get them to finance his
trip by winning the support of people in high places. Around
this time he met Beatriz Enriquez, who became his mistress
and the mother of his second son. The final months of his life
were spent fighting illness and trying to secure restitution
from King Ferdinand of all his privileges. He finally died on
may 20th 1506.