Christianís call to the world

Guy Sebastian

Name: Guy Sebastian

Age: 21

Born in: Malaysia

Lives in: Adelaide

Occupation: Winner of Australian Idol

Albums & Singles:

o Angels brought me here (Album)
o Angels brought me here (Single)
Favourite Food: Chicken Curry

Religion: Christian

Leisure activity: Goes to church, writes songs and rides on his motorbike. His jobs besides his singing career, is teaching vocals at high schools and a recording engineer.

Hobbies: riding his Yamaha 250 motorbike, playing cricket and golf. And of course, singing.

Family: He had a mum, dad (a geologist, donít you know) and two brothers.

Musical instruments he plays: Guitar, piano and drums. Guy played violin when he was a kid to satisfy his parentsí need to see their son play a musical instrument but quit, after three years, and he only learnt one song!

Guy Sebastian is an Australian idol for 2003, he believes now that he is one true religion belief. Now in a Sydney church he is singing and the church education is very over whelmed that he believes in God and that guy Sebastian whatís to turn to God in his own Special way.

How he began to join the Anglican church was that in the inner Sydney suburbs a priest called St Barnabas a priest called St Barnadas from the Anglican church has seen a billboard which reads ďWho dose the idol worshipĒ and St Barnadas at the time had also seen a photo of Guy Sebastian winning the Australian idol of 2003.

The WORD idol Guy Sebastian was a big deal to the Christians because he was such a famous singing and that he became the Australian idol and believes in God. The senior minister Lan Powell also from the Anglican Church said, ďhe was just really playing with the fact that there is all of this talk about the idol and the fact that Guy Sebastian had come out so clearly as someone who worshipped JesusĒ

Guy Sebastian is a 21 year old from Adelaide and his first hit single that got him to the Top 10 Angles brought me hear. Manny people thought that the reason why he called it that Angles would bring him to the top and that his dream would come true, but the truth came out that Guy Sebastian truly beveled in god and still dose.