Christians believe that Jesus co-existed with God before the creation of the world, was born of a virgin, was resurrected three days after his death, and later ascended to heaven. The scope of this paper will contain the following parameters: How early Christians followed the teachings of Jesus Christ; who a Christian really is, and the truth about the many types of Christianity. Yeshua of Nazareth, commonly referred to as Jesus the messiah, was a Jewish itinerant preacher who was born in Bethlehem in a manger, lived a perfect life which he spent teaching the word of god, and was executed by the Roman occupying authorities in Palestine.

After the death of Jesus, many of his followers formed the Christian Movement to continue with his teachings. As stated in the Bible, Saul of Tarsus, who was originally a persecutor of Christians, had a vision of the risen Christ. Adopting the new name of Paul, he became one of the greatest theologians of this early Christian movement. The early members of this movement regarded themselves as a reform movement within Judaism. It wasn’t long, though, before Christians realized that the masses of Jews did not believe that Jesus was the messiah, so a new separate religion, Christianity, was formed.

According to a recent census in World Christian Encyclopedia:, Over 80% of adults in America would consider themselves to be a “Christian”. But what is a Christian anyway? People all over the country who have made an attempt to understanding Jesus’ teachings, have heard the gospel in a church, or were baptized by their parents as an infant, would regard themselves as being a Christian. Whatever has happened to being saved by, and having a personal relationship with your God?

“Now I beseech you…that ye all speak the same thing. And that there be no divisions among you: but that ye all be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment”, according to Paul, in 1 Corinthians 1:10. Today, differences among Christian Faith groups are so great, that some observers have suggested that Christianity is really a number of religions, with different beliefs and practices, that share little more than the text of the Bible, and a Title. So many things are very different then God’s original plan.

God sent his only son to die for the salvation of his people, and yet so many have turned him down. So many would consider themselves a “Christian” that don’t really even accept Christ. Some things need to change.