*There are over 1 billion believers of Christianity, and they worship in churches.
* It is a monotheism religion that believes in the teachings of Jesus Christ.
* It's base is in Judaism.
* Believers follow the ten commandments.
* They believe in life after death.[Heaven/ Hell]
* The Bible is their sacred holy book.
Eucharist = Communion [The bread and wine represent the body and blood of Christ]
Baptism = Ceremony for entrance in to the Christian community
Apostle = Disciple [ Follower of Jesus]
Epiphany = Revealing of Christ child
Persecution = Cruel treatment
Parable = Story with a lesson or moral
Martyr = One who dies for a cause
Messiah = Anointed one
Resurrection = Christ rising from the dead
Pagan = Neither Christian nor Jew
Life Of Jesus
Almost about 2000 years ago, an angel appeared to the vigil Mary and told her she was going to have a baby, and she was to name him Jesus. Jesus was born in a manger, and many people came to celebrate, three wise men brought gifts.
Jesus was raised as a Jew. He then became a religious teacher. He stressed the importance of the ten commandments, love and kindness, but mainly he said, " Love your neighbor, as you love yourself," and "Love the lord your god with all your heart, soul, and mind."
In about 33 A.D., people said he claimed to be the king of Jews and called himself the Messiah. He was arrested and charged with treason. He was nailed to the cross to die, once he died, his body was placed in a tomb with a large stone rolled in front of it. Three days later, people found that the stone was rolled away and his body was gone. His disciples knew that he had rose from the dead, into heaven.