Christian Ethics

John Ciszek
Speech presentation

Ethical issues in the Business world
I. Introduction
A. How does Ethics involve business
1. hopes to control activities that are harmful but not illegal
2. Social responsibility can influence ethics
II. Low costs equals a high profit
A. Employee compensation
1. management compensation
a. Financial- stock options, salaries, larger raises
b. Non-financial public recognition, health club memberships, company cars
2. Non management compensation
a. financial- full time employment, hourly wage increases
b. Non-financial ESOP, employee awards, healthcare
B. Why does management get more money, and better non-financial benefits?
1. Masalows pyramid physiological, safety, social, esteem self actuation
2. Managers seek money as self esteem not safety, usually more educated
3. Non-managers motivated by lower needs like safety
4. Motivate managers differently than employees
III. Ethical decisions vs. Profit
A. Steps for evaluating a decision
1. is it economical
2. is it legal
3. is it ethical
4. will it provide social leadership
B. Social responsibility
1. proactive approach – leadership in social issues what is ethical
2. accommodative approach- minimal ethics, meet legal obligation
3. defensive approach- do legal minimum, ethical is minimum concern
4. obstructonalist- fight the ethical and legal obligations concern on profit
C. Examples of ethical dilemmas
1. Ford F-150 truck gas tank
2. Insider trading
3. Releasing harmful effects of drugs
4. Cigarette companies
5. Pollution emission programs
IV. Ethics of corporations- explain corporations
A. No sole but treated like person
B. Who controls the ethical views
1. stock holders
2. managers
C. Milton Friedman view
V. Relationship of business ethics to moral theories
A. natural law- self preservation murder and stealing wrong
B. respect for persons
1. golden rule
2. people are ends not means
C. egoist
D. utilitarian
1. would evaluate decision ethically
2. would do what is best for most people without regard to profit
E. Biblical never really takes a stand
V. conclusion
A. summary of main points
B. can Christian or biblical ethics be applied in today’s business world

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