Chris Warns Mr. Jones
Geography Day 2 per. 4

“Life is going to be lonely for millions of men in the worlds populous nations. Discuss”

In the near future the sex ratio between men and women in many Asian countries will rise immensely. This is due to the strict birth restrictions in many countries where people are influenced too only have one child. Traditionally since Confucian times sons alone have been able to sacrifice to the family spirits, carry the family name, and inherit the family estate. Due to this particular condition daughters have been have been vulnerable to infanticide in both poor and wealthy families. Also due to the overpopulation in many of these countries certain fines and restrictions are brought forth with the conception of a female baby. Even though the sex ratio in China is about average, the infant mortality rate is extremely higher for females then those of males.

Obviously this problem will have a huge effect on both males and females. Although for men this problem may bring about more undesirable consequences. Yong men tend to pick younger brides, this will tend to aggravate the shortage of girls. Men will outnumber there potential bides immensely. This will cause men and their older brothers to pick their brides from the same distinguished age group. This problem will also cause the men in the smaller wealthier countries to find brides of the same ethnic group outside of their countries borders. For China there are not enough women to fill this gap, therefor many Chinese men will be forced to marry outside their ethnic group. The fact that wealthy Chinese elsewhere are bidding up the prices of brides will make this problem even worse. For females they have a much larger range on which they chose as a husband does. While men have a much smaller field of view when it comes to marriage.

Of course this problem may bring many effects on society. The biggest change will probably be that many men will be without a wife. Also we may see a lot more marriages with women from different ethnic groups, and cultures. A country like China may be influenced by the different cultures in which Chinese men’s wife’s from around the world may introduce. With the great disadvantage of possessing a small amount of women men may have to replace them in jobs which women are much more qualified for. Other change's that may occur in society is that men who can not find brides may turn to homosexuality. This may in turn lead to sexually transmitted diseases as well as decrease in childbirth. Another possibility is that these countries may begin to posses a much more male dominant society. Business may be much more aggressive, and the number of violent crimes may rise.

There are many solutions, which can be drawn up for this particular problem. One thing that can be done is that instead of fining a family for giving birth to a girl, you can reward them. This will encourage family’s to keep their female children. Another solution is to let females inherit the family estate, and able them to make money for their family. This will also alter the minds of the parents because there daughters as well as their sons can make money for them. Also the government in these countries can make their laws for infanticide much stricter with harsh consequences, instead of just looking the other way as they do now. This will force more people to keep their female children due to their fear of the consequences of these new laws.

To conclude this extensive problem of lacking a sufficient amount of women is a serious one. It is a problem that will grow immensely in the very near future, in Asia and even other place's world. Actions must be taken to prevent any serious damage in our world’s population, as well as in the society’s of our particular countries. We need women in our society not only as brides but also for important jobs in which they are more qualified for. In a good society you need to contain both women as well as men or it would not function properly as a society. Something definitely needs to be done before serious consequences are suffered.