Chodesh Tov

Chodesh Tov - Today is Rosh Chodesh Adar Sheni (second month of Adar) this month begins today with the new moon, a most auspicious time for prayer and meditation. Just like the new moon that is invisible and empty of light, this is the day to empty ourselves of the past and open to the new. We are privileged to have two months of Adar this year. An additional month of Adar is added to assure that Passover occurs in the spring as stipulated in the Torah. If we did not do this Passover would float around the calendar like Ramadan for the Moslems does. The Jewish calendar is a unique calendar in that it integrates both the sun and the moon where as the Christian calendar is only solar and the Moslem calendar is only lunar.

We are happy to have an additional month of Adar because Adar is all about healing through joy and we need the experience of joy so much today but what is the significance of Adar Sheni from a kabbalistic perspective? A strange tradition is told in the Talmud that contains deep mystical teachings relevant to this month and especially to our time. It is told that at the time of creation the sun and the moon were equal in size and luminosity (bear in mind that this was occurring not in our current physical reality). The moon however complained and said," How can two kings share only one crown?" The Holy One responded and said," Then YOU, the moon, will have to diminish your light." As a result, the luminosity and size of the moon were diminished until the moon had no light of its own and its light was only a reflection of the light of the sun. With every Adar Sheni, we are told that this imbalance is corrected and the rectification of the cosmic order is restored gradually, bringing the world closer to the messianic order. In the messianic time, the moon and the sun will be restored to their original higher and truer reality and be equal once again in size and luminosity,

This story is relevant to us today. The Jewish people, as well as women, are compared to the moon. Like the moon, women live with cycles of nature as do the Jewish people. Sometimes in the history of the Jewish people, we are shining brightly for all to see and at other times, we have been humbled and our light has been diminished like the moon. With every Adar Sheni, the light of the Jewish people as well as the feminine energies are restored more and more to their original order. May we see this clearly with our own eyes this month. This seeing will fill us with great joy.