China's One Birth Murder Policy

Kate Atwood
World History
Mr. Davis
February 12, 1998

China's mandated family planning program has limited the number of births per family to one. This mandated one birth policy may be able to control the over population problem in China, but it has had a devastating effect on the population of China as a whole. Although China must deal with its over population problem, it is not morally right to regulate the number of children a person may have. This is the most basic right that every person should have, the right to bear children. Not only does the mandated family planning program infringe on what should be a guaranteed right, it has also severely damaged the human rights of the Chinese.
For the last several decades China has been hampered by an overwhelming over population problem. As a result, Chinese government officials developed the one birth policy. This policy has effectively controlled population growth problems in China, but by the same token it has also caused severe internal problems. One of the most deplorable results is the active murder and abortions of female babies and fetuses. There are now nearly 30 million missing females in China.
The family planning program has changed the status of women. Males are most often wanted more than females, for males can do the work in the fields. If there is a chance a baby might be a female, it will either be killed or the parents may hide the child from the authorities. Even so, the females that are kept are usually not treated well. In times of famine, a male will be fed over a female, and when seeking a job, the men are more likely to be successful in locating jobs. Women are often sold to men as wives or get involved in the large pool of prostitution rings in Chinese cities. If things continue as they are, in the future there will be so few women in China that the family planning program will need to be reversed. Instead, there will be a need for a population growth program.
China's one birth policy makes the government seem more like a totalitarian government, taking away many of the natural rights Chinese citizens once had. Any human being should have the right to reproduce. One of the reasons we are living today is because the number of births is not regulated in the United States. A main purpose of living is to reproduce life, and the Chinese government has taken this basic right away from its citizens.
The mandated family planning program is morally wrong and must be addressed. There are better alternatives to a mandated family planning program that results in the murder of millions of women. China should first try educating its citizens about birth control, having children, and the responsibilities that go along with being a parent. The first change China must make is raising the status of women. Men and women should be thought of as equal, and more importantly they should be treated as equals. Being treated as equal, females would be less likely to be killed, and their number will increase. An easy solution to China's over population problem, would be for the Chinese to expand their cities, creating suburbs and allowing anyone to move into the cities. If the government spent money on building more housing and stopped stealing from what little money the poor have, China would no longer have the need for the one birth policy.
In order for China to move ahead, it must change its mandated family planning program. This program is morally wrong and is not necessary. The program denies women the right to give birth to as many children as they want, and has lowered the status of women in China. Mass murder of female babies and fetuses is the result of the one birth policy. If China would utilize all of the land that is readily available, there would be no need for controlling the population. The hope for China's future is with its leadership; it must make the right choice, by removing its blind fold and looking at the devastation the mandated family planning program has caused.