China is the most populated country in the world, she is opening her market nowadays and experts in any field would find great opportunities. I also understand that my country especially needs expert in the field of technology. Advanced countries like United States, Japan are civilized, computerized. How can I contribute to make it happen in my country?
As a very little child, my mom always scolded me that I destroyed my toys by disassembling them, to find out what they have inside. I was trying to figure out how they really work.
As a high school student, I am interested in technology and computers. I assembled my first computer when I was a tenth grader and two more including the current one. Every time I turned on my computer to work, it gives me a great feeling of achievement. At the moment I am able to build it up, I am always curious to know how it works.
Studying high school in the most advanced country, United States is my first step to help her out. Getting to an excellent college is the next. When I flip through my Physics books, I just cannot get my attention out of those electronic gates. It is really amazing to look at how people set up electronic gates by the chemical property of silicon to do calculations, to do billions of calculations in a second by a single micro-sized chip. How can people do such an amazing thing? Electrical engineering is where I have to look at, to look for the answer! I have a strong sense in science and mathematics. I put sincere effort to make myself to be one of the best science students in my school. My effort has been shown on my transcript and SAT scores. The course offered at my school does not really meet my expectation and I am trying to study for the AP Physics Exam by myself.
In the previous years, I have been challenging myself not only academically. As a thin person, weighing only 130 pounds, 59, I tried one of the toughest sports last spring V lacrosse. I have to admit that I have not done an excellent job but I tried my best and fulfilled any demands by my coaches. By setting my own goals and achieving those goals, it gives me new strength. I am capable to challenging courses I am going to face in University.
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor is a well-known school for engineering. I will enjoy myself in the diversity of your community. I believe the school can and will broaden my horizons. Locating in urban area let students have communications with the world. My college education will be precious if I can stay in this University. I strongly want to spend my invaluable college education in the best environment.