Children’s spare time activity

Most times creative solutions and wonderful inventions take place in free- times

.For instance, plane is built in the inventor’s get-well time. If children put value on the

life time even hobbies can help the society to make progress.

Sometimes children go outdoors, have barbeques…with their family and friends

in order to relax and prepare themselves for hard works. Spare times are not only to rest

but also for educational programs; they must pay particular attention to the long period

plans while filling future time tables.

Nowadays, most of children spend their free time with computer programs and

the internet system at least 2-3 hours a day. Some play musical instruments, do sport

practice read novels, poetry and so on. Although they might not be educational activities

, the main point is to feel good about what they have done as leisure activities, at the end.

Although children must be free to choose what has deep impression on them for

their life time but also parents should guild them to the best way and avoid them from

doing wrong. It’s obvious that parent’s experiences and advices are necessary and useful

for the children but if they give line to their children in all cases, they lose their

concentration in the near future .parents must give the children the chance of making

mistakes because they are going to be future adults and leaders. Another disadvantage is

that they have less motivation to do the best .