Many people believe that royalty is nothing but snobby men and women
who just inherit their title from their father or marry into a royal family. Well,
they are wrong because I know of one royal who was caring and kind to
everyone she meet. This is my report of the most noble person, Princess
Diana Spencer.
Diana was born on July 1, 1961 in the same house in which her mother
was born, Parkhouse. The land in which Park Place was located was called
Diana’s big sister Sara was six , when baby Diana was born, and her
other big sister, Jane, was four.
When Diana’s mother was pregnant with Diana they hoped it would be a
boy. They loved regardless of gender though.
The royal family also owned a house near the Spencers, so Diana and
her sisters would play with the royal children. Diana liked to play with Prince
Andrew and Prince Edward the most.
When Diana was two, her little brother Charles was born. Diana loved to
take care of him, like he was her baby. Diana couldn’t wait to go to his baptism
at Westminster Abby. The day before Charles is baptized she fell down some
stairs. She hurt her head and she couldn’t go to the baptism. As you can
imagine, she was very upset.
When Diana was four she and her two sisters got lessons at home from
Gertrude Allen. Then when she was six her sisters left for boarding school.
Then sadly her mother and father separated. A while later her mother married
Shand Kydd.
Soon Diana’s father sent her and her brother Charles to Silfield a
regular school . Diana loved it.
For Diana’s seventh birthday her dad borrowed a camel from the zoo.
Everyone at her party got to ride it.
That fall she went to a boarding school called Riddlesworth. It wasn’t
very far from her home. Each girl at the school was allowed to own a small pet,
so Diana’s dad bought her a small guinea pig and she called it Peanuts. Diana
got summer breaks so she spent half with her father and half with her mother.
At Riddlesworth, she was not the smartest in her class but she loved
swimming and ballet. Also she loved helping out the teachers.
In 1973, she went to West Heath boarding school where she won
awards in swimming and dancing. She also loved working with the younger
Diana shared a dormitory with four other girls. She kept a picture of
Prince Charles over her bed, she secretly had a crush on him.
Soon after, her mother and stepfather moved to an island off Scotland.
Diana was happy because she had a new place to vacation.
Sometimes Diana spent weekends with her sisters in London. She liked
to wash their clothes. She thought cleaning was fun!!!!!!
In 1975, her Grandfather sadly died and like tradition her father moved
into the official family home in Althrop. Diana never liked it because it was to
In 1977, Diana left West Heath and moved in with her Mom in London.
In 1978, Diana’s sister, Jane, married Robert Fellowes. Diana was a
bridesmaid at her wedding.

Adult Hood
After Diana’s eighteenth birthday her parents bought her a flat and a
small car. (A flat is and apartment).
In 1979, she became an assistant at Young England’s Kindergarten,
she filled out her dream of working with children.
She thought a lot about Prince Charles. Then suddenly, he asked her to
a party, then the ballet and an opera. They didn’t become serious until 1980,
he asked her to marry him on February 5,1981 at a dinner in Buckingham
palace. She of course said “Yes.” On February 24, their engagement was
official announced .
Married Life
Finally the day of the wedding came and she was ready. She arrived at
St. Pauls Cathedral in a glass coach and looked stunning in her dress. The
streets were lined with millions of people who wanted pictures of her on her
wedding day. She walked down the aisle in glass slippers like a fairy tale ! Her
wedding dress was ivory colored with pearls, lace, and bows, it also had a
twenty-five-foot train. She carried a bouquet of orchards and golden roses.
She wore her engagement ring made of a blue sapphire in the middle and 14
diamonds surrounding it. Their honeymoon was in Scotland, a place they both
She had two sons. Prince William who was born June 21,1982. Prince
Harry was born September 15,1984. She loved them both dearly and most
people said that’s all she ever talked about was her boys.