Child A was born ,
One dark and stormy night,
Mother exhaled and sighed,
"One more this time"

Child A was brought home,
To a house dark and broken,
Was left in a corner,
To waste away and wither.

Child A survived infancy,
Found childhood no better,
Knew of a mother,
But not of a father.

Child A knew no pleasure,
Knew only pain,
Was surrounded by violence,
Thought only the same.

Child A cried,
Every night,
Every hour,
Every day.

Child A was tired,
Body mutilated,
Spirit broken,
Fellows frozen.

Mother meant torture,
Brothers were curt,
Sisters were trouble,
Everything hurt.

Child A was hiding,
Hiding from mother,
Mother was carrying a bottle of drink,
And looked like a witch,
Her hair all out in kinks.

Child A had been spying ,
For mother had been drinking ,
Knew that mother,
Was capable of killing.

i) Child A tried to see no evil,
Hear no evil,
But evil was happening,
Screams of pain singing.

ii) Child A wondered,
Wondered why,
Siblings seemed,
Too still to be alive.

Child A watche,
The police do their job,
Mother was never to be seen again,
Or so it was thought.

Child A gets a new home,
It had a warm mother,
A strong father,
And a puppy dog.

Child A killed the dog,
Burnt the house,
Stabbed the mother,
Finished off the father.

Child A was not understood,
The acts found horrendous,
The reason apparent,
The issue forgotten.

Child A wa too young ,
Could not be tried,
Was sent to a shrink,
Where she is said to thrive.

Child A grew old,
Was sent astride,
With a clean bill of health,
Of body and mind.

Child A got an education,
Child A got a job,
Child A got a spouse,
And a little puppy dog.

Child A worked hard,
Bought a house,
Romanced the spouse,
Result : One child.

Child A worked in secret,
A dark, dark secret,
For the issue forgotten,
The child would be forsaken.

The Child,
Child B it will be,
Will grow up like,
His dear mummy.

Child Abuse is a world-wide issue,
Unless we stop it,
Child B,
Could be you.