Charlie Gordon, a retarded adult, was given a second chance in life. By means of
a special operation that was conducted by a few scientists. The operation was supposed
to increase the I.Q. of a person tremendously. The scientists had already tried this
experiment on a small white mouse, and there were ready to try it on their first human
being. Charlie was picked out of a bunch of different mentally retarded adults because he
seemed to be stable enough to deal with this operation, and the process of the
development of his intelligence. Although it was a long process, Charlie developed his
increased intelligence at a steady rate. At first he was able to learn easy things, such as
spelling and punctuation. After a considerable amount of time, Charlie developed more
than a life times amount of intelligence in only seven months. Throughout this process,
Charlie became to realize how the world saw him as he was before the operation and also
after his operation. At that same level he came to realize how he saw the world from
before the operation and after the operation.

Charlie Gordon was a mentally retarded adult who had very many hard times as a
child, just because of the fact he was retarded. After the operation, when he was smart,
he was able to remember things from his past which made a huge a affect on him. He was
now able to deal with these memories. He was able to look into them and see how the
world saw him as he was when he was still mentally retarded. There were many times
when Charlie would remember things from his past and realize how mean these people
were to him, but he didn’t have enough intelligence to distinguish that. A very good
example of how people were awful to him would be his friends at the Bakery. Charlie
had worked at this bakery for many years. He swept and cleaned the bathrooms. The
other employees, mainly Joe Carp and Frank Reilly, always treated him as a less of a
person because he was retarded. Charlie really believed that these two men were his
friends. Little did he know that when they laughed at him, it wasn’t because they were all
having a good time, it was because they found pleasure in treating him like dirt. While
still retarded, Charlie never realized that these men who claimed to be his friends, were
simply not. They took him to parties and other places, not because they liked him, but
because it was a way for them to feel like they had a superiority over him because he
would act dumb (the only way he could act) and people would laugh. After the operation,
Charlie saw that not only these two men took fun out of the expense of the less fortunate,
but millions of other people in the world did too. As he was wrapped up in his high
intelligence world, he caught himself almost do the same thing to a poor boy who
dropped some dishes at a restaurant. He felt that the world had very sick ways of making
fun of people with less intelligence. Like Charlie said, “I’m a human being, a person with
parents memories and a history, and I was before you ever wheeled me into that
operating room”, so why don’t people treat us mentally retarded like that?
The rest of the world, that is the human society has grown to see things in a
different light than Charlies’. The thing is that people in this society do not know what it
would be like to be impaired in such a way that one could not perceive, think clearly or
understand. We all live in a world that consists of people who are encouraged to become
all that they can be. We go to school for 16 years, to learn and become more intelligent
so we can make something out of out lives. People like Charlie do not normally get that
opportunity, to learn, to understand the ways of the world. The ways of Society are
conditioned in such a way that anyone who cannot understand, cannot do something right
according to societies rules; are less than human. These people, so-called mentally
retarded, are seen in this world as dummies, stupids and basically dirt. They cannot live
the same way we do because they are impaired with a learning disability, which makes
them inferior to us. Charlie