Charles Wang
"In a world burning with Internet fever, Charles Wang stands out as a high-tech chief who respects but is not thunderstruck by the network of networks' business implications" (Kerber 1).
Charles Wang has a theory of zero-based thinking. He runs Computer Associates International Inc. A business applications and systems management software company founded in 1976 with headquarters located in Islandia, NY. In 1997, the revenues were an amazing total of $4.04 billion. To improve his company, he uses some techniques he developed himself. For instance, he trains each of his own executives, he moves managers often, and every April he changes his entire company, Computer Associates International Inc. to create a more diverse environment.
Not only do these processes make everybody strive harder towards excellence, but it also creates an environment in which everyone wants to work. Employees don't get bored with "stale" jobs that they have been doing for several years, or even decades. The employees that work for Wang get to experience the different aspects of a company, until they reach the quality of an executive worker. At that point, the are promoted and re-trained by Wang to insure excellence.
Wang's method of running his company could help him to succeed in a variety of situations. For example, when Wang wants to retire, he would not have to worry about the way his company was run. Since he taught his own executives exactly how to run the company, they will most likely continue this, even after Wang is working at the company. Also, if Wang became low on funds, he wouldn't have to fire any of his employees. Because of the fact that Wang trained his own executives, he could simply move around the company's managers to fill in the positions that the company needed to better flourish.

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