Chapter One


How is the life today? Is it just fine. Well today in some parts of the Globe, some are not enjoying their life on this planet. Like for example in the country North Korea, life there is not as satisfying as it is, why? Because now, almost the whole country’s population is going into a famine crisis. Most of the children are going through an extreme malnourishment. As in other countries the relief groups would have large amounts of food storages, but in North Korea, the food storages are dire because most of the storages are lacking. In the schools, the classes use to last all day, but now most of the children are sent home to eat with their parents or even not, imagine, the government gives a family an amount of 100 grams, that is the standard government ration per family, per day and for those who have no children are given a lesser amount. Now look, what it is doing to the country, it has started to destroy its economy.

Statement of the Problem:

This proposal aims to answer the following Question:

1. What causes malnourishment in North Korea?

2. Can this famine bring a collapse of the Government?

3. What has the U.N. agencies done about this crisis?


This proposal aims to:

1. Enhance the knowledge of the La Sallian family about the famine in

North Korea.

2. Identify the causes of the crisis.

3. Sight out the disaster in North Korea.


The following are the hypotheses formulated:

1. The main cause of malnourishment in North Korea is that the government is very tight, that it is very greedy as far as the food is concern and it selfishly parts’ it with the population but at a government ration which is very small at 100 grams per day.
2. Most of the people in North Korea only depend on two things, and these are fear and autarky, and the people only fear starvation as far as discipline is concerned. But most of the people are disciplined, but maybe yes, this famine just might bring a collapse of the government, since if there are no people, who is there to be governed by the government?

3. Now as this crisis grows fast in North Korea, the United nations Agencies have tried to get some food from out of the country inorder to help the poor families, especially the children since, if you look at the children, their bodies are very thin and their bones poking out of their short sleeves.

Definition of Terms:
famine - extreme scarcity of foodin a district, starvation.
dire - dreadful, terrible.
Autarky - self-sufficiency.

Chapter Two

The Research Design:

The design which we decided to choose for this proposal is a descriptive research, because the research is intended to deal with the present problem and standing of North Korea, since it is going through a terrible crisis, causing famine for the population especially the children.

Subject of the Study:
The subject of the study in this proposal is to let the reader know what is going on in another country, one of which is going into a very terrible disaster or shall we say famine of the population. And the children are the ones who are suffering from this terrible starvation.

In this proposal the instruments which are going to be used are articles related to the topic, the internet, information from the news groups and some magazines related to topic.
Data Procedure:
This proposal will be dealing with the gathering of information from some articles which have a big concern with malnourishment in North Korea, and it will also deal with some information from the news group and also some magazines related to the topic.