Chapter 19 Section 1

Due 2/3/04

Period #4

1) The New Deal

2) “Red”

3) a) ban the closed shop

b) allowed states to right to work laws

c) outlawed union shops

d) allowed employer to sue unions

e) enabled the President to intervene in strikes

4) Congress passed the bill,Truman vetoed it,then congress voted to overide the veto

5) The average worker

6) a) labor

b) communism

7) former member of Truman’s Cabinet, formed the Progressive party

8) a) stronger civil rights legislation

b) more federal spending for social programs

c) less confrontational stance toward the Soviet Union

9) a) desegregation of the armed forces

b) ban on poll taxes

c) anti lynching lays

10) Dixiecrats

11) Strom Thurmond

12) Thomas E. Dewey

13) a) aid to farmers

b) minimum wage raise

c) a housing bill

d) social security raise

14) the whistle stop tour

15) Dewey

16) Truman

17) Democrats

18) a) national medical insurance

b) extension of social security

c) new public power projects

d) public housing

e) repeal of the Taft-Harley act

19) a) social security

b) housing act

c) minimum wage

20) (a) corruption (b) soft against communism (c) Korea