1. William Howard Taft
Who: William Howard Taft
What: He became President after Roosevelt and busted even more trusts
When: 1908
Where: US
Why: He was different than Roosevelt because he did not like to be in the public eye
1. Mann-Elkins Act
Who: William Howard Taft
What: it extended the regulatory powers of the Interstate Commerce Commission to telephone and telegraph companies
When: 1910
Where: US
Why: to increase the powers of the ICC
1. Sixteenth Amendment
Who: The Taft Administration
What: it authorizes a national tax based on individual income
When: 1913
Where: US
Why: to even out the social classes
4. Nelson Aldrich
Who: Nelson Aldrich
What: He created a tariff that made Taft look bad
When: 1909
Where: US
Why: Taft did not have the experience to oppose it
4. Richard Ballinger
Who: Richard Ballinger
What: He sold a large piece of land in Alaska that was rich in resources
When: early 1900ís
Where: US
Why: It caused Taft to fire Pinchot
4. Gifford Pinchot
Who: Gifford Pinchot
What: he attacked Ballinger for favoring private interest over conservation
When: early 1900ís
Where: Us
Why: Taft fired him for his criticizing
4. New Nationalism
Who: Roosevelt
What: it called for tough laws to protect workers
When: 1910
Where: Kansas
Why: he wanted to be a better conservatist then Taft
4. Joseph Cannon
Who: Joseph Cannon
What: He was the speaker of the house. He ruled with an iron fist
When: early 1900ís
Where: US
Why: The progressives thought that he used his power to block reform legislation
4. George Norris
Who: George Norris
What: He tried to break Cannonís power
When: early 1900ís
Where: US
Why: he thought that Cannon was too powerful
4. Woodrow Wilson
Who: Woodrow Wilson
What: He was responsible for New Freedom
When: 1912
Where: Us
Why: the Republican Party was split in their vote
4. New Freedom
Who: Wilson
What: it called for a revival of small business
When: 1912
Where: US
Why: so that the little guy was free from control of big business
4. Eugene Debs
Who: Eugene Debs
What: He supported the socialist party
When: early 1900ís
Where: US
Why: He was much different then Roosevelt
Main Ideas:
1. The Taft administration busted over twice as many trusts as Roosevelt.
2. The action was when Taft supported the Payne-Aldrich Tariff
3. The progressives no longer supported Taft so most of them voted against him.
4. My plan of action is to give everyone a square deal. I plan on doing this, first of all, by busting trusts. When trusts are busted, the price for consumers goes down. I also plan to protect the consumer. I will pass laws to stop food companies from selling you harmful and contaminated food. Last, I plan to pass laws to protect the environment. So no more cleaning acres of forest.
5. I donít think that it was a fair assessment because Taft would have vetoed that tariff but he did not know how.