Chapter 1: Poem

My chosen written text is a poem called “When thy youth is set to leave” its about when youths are young and they are set to leave and change and go somewhere else new, youths have memories when they are young and having fun and joy and if all that is somehow abused then when they are old they have to pay, when the youths leave they are welcomed to the real world and that’s when they will go though a change.

This poem relates to the book when the character Collin was sent over seas to visit his relatives because his brother is sick dying from cancer. Before Collin leaves to England he doesn’t know much about anything because he hasn’t experienced the outside world yet, this relates to the poem in the part where it says that when youths are still in there childhood and they don’t know anything yet and they are still having fun and joy and unaware of what happens in the outside world. As time passes by Collin realizes that he must do what ever it takes to save his brother and he will do what ever it takes even if it means breaking into Buckingham palace to find a solution, At this point Collin is actually becoming a better person and caring for his loved ones a lot more then ever, this changes Collin into a caring and committed person than he ever was before.

As Collin continues his search and fails, he finally stumbles upon a man sobbing in the streets because his brother is dying of aids and unexpectedly he is able to get help from this man. Collin realizes that he is not alone in this, as the part in the poem says “old age knocks the door of life” is when Collin opens the door and finds out that he is not alone in all of this.

After all this Collin realizes that the best cure is to be by his brother’s side, this has a big impact on the way Collin has changed, his feelings grow stronger and stronger and more emotional too.

The poem makes the reader understands what happens when you grow up and move on into the real would out off childhood and all the childhood fun has gone and the serious business has entered your life, which could be for the good or the bad no one really knows, but in Collin’s case it has made him understand more about life then he ever knew and the experience that he had has made him a better person.