Out of all the cereals in the world Honey Nut Cheerios and Lucky Charms are my favorites. There are many things about these cereals that make me want to have them everyday.

Every morning I look in my pantry to find a brand new box of Honey Nut Cheerios. I crave them so often, we buy tons! I love cheerios first of all because of there honey nut taste. Cheerios also help reduce cholesterol more than any other cereal, so thatís always a plus. Another thing that makes me want cheerios is when Iím watching television and I see there funny ad with the bee, that commercial always makes me laugh and crave Honey Nut Cheerios. After that, there is one last thing that helps me love cheerios so much, itís the games and information on the back. They always have games, movie information, and other fun things to do on the back of the packaging box.

My next favorite cereal is Lucky Charms, I like lucky Charms for 2 reasons, the incredible taste and the hilarious ads they put on television. When I eat Lucky Charms I only eat the mini marshmallows inside. Sometimes Iíll even spend up to 10 minuits picking out all of the grain so I can eat the marshmallows. Also the commercials on t.v. for Lucky Charms are funny because they are little cartoons and I like cartoons.

That is why Cheerios and Lucky Charms are my two favorite cereals. No matter how old they get or what new cereals they come out with, these will always be my favorites.