Cats inhabit the world all over. The majority of them are domesticated. Millions of pet owners are owners of cats and they know how to take care of their felines. After reading my report youíll know how to take care of your cat too. There are many breeds and by the end of my report you wonít know all of them, but youíll know enough to choose the type of cat you want.
I will begin my report on how to take care of your cat. Cats are not complicated animals to take care of when you know what you are doing. They need food and water just like any other animal, of course, the food you give it can ;mean the difference between life and death. Hills Science Diet and Iams are two high quality pet foods that are recommended. Wet food or canned food is a nice treat for your cat but too much could hurt your cat or kitten. It is also important that the canned food be room temperature or slightly warmed. Every cat needs a litter tray that needs to cleaned daily. Your kitten is most likely litter trained when you get it. Playtime is very important for your cat. Itís not only enjoyable but it can improve cat-like skills. You want to make sure you cat has only non-toxic unbreakable toys. Although your cat will probably sleep wherever it wants to, a soft padded bed is a good idea. Most of all your feline needs lots of love and care. All cats should be taken care of this way, but for grooming in depends on the breed you get.
All breeds generally fall in one of five categories: Longhaired, Shorthaired, Semi Longhaired, Foreign Shorthaired, and Oriental. An example of a longhair breed is the Persian. Even people with allergies can own cats but the longhair is not a good idea because they tend to shed more. Good examples of Oriental breeds would be Siamese and the Balinese. These breeds would be a better choice for people with allergies. The Abyssinian, Somali and Russian Blue all fall into the Foreign shorthaired category.
While these cats have a nice coat, the Sphynx has hardly any fur at all but it is also in the Foreign shorthaired category. The Cartrux and the Manx are tow of eight or more of the shorthaired breeds. Ragdolls, a relatively new breed, are a semi longhaired breed. I know that there is a great difference in the semi longhaired and longhaired breeds when it comes to shedding. These are only a few of the many cat breeds.
Iím sure you now know how to take care of your cat and what breed youíll be interested in. You know that cats are not hard animals to take care of and there are many breeds to choose from. No matter what cat you choose, remember to give it lots of love and care.