Catalina Jimenez
2nd Period
January 11, 15

Historically there have been inventions that led to the grand modernization of that time period and created a grand change socially and culturally. More recently, the railway system has brought industrialization just as the highway system has brought us suburbs and outer cities. What led primarily to this are the scientific and technological improvements that pave way to those systems. These systems also bring social differences, particularly to those operating the inventions, and memorable stories to share with this.
The invention of the automobile led an obvious change in what was transportation. Cars were only accessible to the privileged, thus creating a more divided class. Many, due to their ethnicity background were forced to take jobs that would restrain them from living a lifestyle that the privileged did. Modernly, this is primarily the case in larger cities where public transportation is made much more available; while the common class takes public transportations, the elite take fancy cars. This leads to the kind of driver that cannot drive, literally. They have chauffeurs. In smaller cities such as Orlando, although the difference is not as noticeable, it remains just slightly in the variations of cars. This leads us to three different kinds of drivers.
The 1998 beat up car that just barely started this morning, more times than not will cut off other drivers, because if they do get into an accident they have fairly nothing to lose. This driver is known as the careless. However, a 2015 car whose payments are more than a mortgage will do the same thing and drive without consequence, and known as the arrogant. This driver feels that is obvious to others to respect him because of his status, on and off the road. Lastly, the third kind of driver is one that has to deal with the other two, these are the ones unfortunately affected the most. These are the average car drivers who are simply driving safely and all of a sudden are crashed into because of an irresponsible action. It is possible to be all three throughout different stages of one's life, or to be a variation of either. The accounts of each type do not fail to amuse however.
Being in the passenger seat has had its known advantages; even so that calling shotgun has become a tradition in riding with friends. Shotgun is the worst place to be when these incidents occur, all of which are true. It is two in the morning and the careless driver has missed an exit on the highway, seeing that there are few drivers out, he (my uncle) has decided it is okay to reverse the car and grab the exit he had missed 500 feet away. Needless to say, the hospital was eventually involved, along with the insurance company. The arrogant driver, a family friend, had decided that roads were simply suggestions, and with the right car anything is a road. Being 10 years old in a car that is going over medians and discarding the wrong way signs while seeing other cars zoom by honking is traumatic. Fortunately, no one was hurt by his lack of thought processing, although it could have easily gone much worse.