Cat Competition

Some people often fall for the fashion or fancier side of advertising, while

others go for the healthier approach. Which type of ads do most people go for?

That's up to them to decide. It also depends on what you want more. Fancy Feast,

a fancy cat food, uses fashion to get its consumers to buy it. Science Diet, a

scientific dieting cat food, offers a healthier approach. Cat foods are nothing more

than food. Some are fancy and some are healthy, but it is strictly a matter of

opinion on which food is best for one's cat.

In the ad for Fancy Feast, a beautiful cat with a great white fluffy coat

catches the viewers eye. The background is luscious with bright pink and blue

colors to catch the eye of the consumers. When one looks at this ad they

immediatly think of richness. The viewer of the ad is supposed to think that if the

cat in the ad can be so beautiful, why can't theirs? Does it really work? Not


Sayings like, "Good taste is easy to recognize" and "There are those among

us with very simple tastes. They only want to be the best" try to catch the reader's

attention. They immediately make one think of being the best and having everyone

think you are great with additional sayings like, "For them, there is Fancy Feast.

The gourmet cat food. Exceptionally moist. Uniquely delicious. And, only Fancy

Feast offers so many extra ordinary varieties to satisfy even the most discriminating

connoisseurs. Fancy Feast gourmet cat food." When one reads these statements

containing deep words, one immediately knows that this cat food is not like normal

cat foods. This cat food is for rich cats. For product buyers that want their cats to

be fancy and elegant.

Happy cats, playful cats, nice-looking house cats. That's what this next cat

food is about. With pictures of a cat playing with a ball, the cat smiling up at

someone, and a picture of the beautiful, healthy looking eyes of the cat, the

consumer notices the benefits of a healthy cat. From seeing the pictures of this

remarkable cat, the product buyer can see that if their cat eats this food, it will most

likely be healthy and live longer. Nobody wants a sick cat, so they get turned on

into buying this food in order to have their cat live longer, be playful, and look


"Hill's Science Diet. A whole new look of health." This statement made by

Hill's Science Diet Cat food immediately catches the readers attention with the

word "health." Good health is great, so go for it! That's what the product buyers

think when they read this advertisement. Also, sayings like "Hill's Science Diet

cat food provides the right nutrition for your cat so you'll see a whole new look in

her bright eyes, shiny coat and energy level." give readers an idea of what to expect

when their cat eats this food.

Cat food is nothing more than food. Some are fancy and some are healthy,

but it is strictly a matter of opinion on which food is best for one's cat. But when

all is said and done it doesn't matter which food the product buyer likes best, but

more of which food their cat likes best.