Capitol punishment is a big issue in America. There is
no defiant solution to this problem and I donít think that
there will ever be. Capitol punishment is under constant
controversy and will be under speculation for many years to
come. I believe that capitol punishment should be used in
our criminal justice system.
The death penalty is a serious punishment for a serious
crime. There is no crime more serious than murder. Murders
who take away the lives of innocent people should have no
other punishment than to have the same done to them. This
is where the argument begins. Supreme Court Justice Harry
Blackman believes that the death penalty should be used in
serious crimes. He believes that the death penalty is the
only way to punish a murder. Supreme Court Justice Antonin
Scalia disagrees with Blackman on this. Scalia believes
that taking a murders life is wrong because he believes we
need to value the human life. They both do agree that the
death penalty is unconstitutional. I believe that for such
a serious crime there has to be a serious consequence. This
is to protect society and innocent people.
The death penalty protects our citizens and helps value
human life. I believe that we do need to value the human
life but to value life we need to protect and preserve it
first. A murder is not valuing human life because he is
wrongfully taking it away. Therefore, we should not value
his life and take it away. I believe that this is value of
the human life to the highest. Also, the death penalty
protects our citizens. If the laws were weak and the
consequences werenít strict then murders would be much more
common. All though the death penalty doesnít provide one
hundred percent protection to our citizens, I believe that
it protects many of them. It lets the criminal know our
society is serious about life and will protect it to the
fullest. Both Supreme Court Justices agree that there is no
absolute solution to the problem. The catholic church
stated the they are against capitol punishment, they believe
that it is not valuing the human life and is against Godís
Capitol punishment is a serious solution to a serious
problem. I believe that the only way to handle a serious
problem is with a serious solution. I think that it values
human life by trying to protect it. I think that capitol
punishment should be used in our criminal justice system.