English 100


There are many types of cancers, cancer is a disease that slowly kills you. Cancer can be in almost any part of your body, depending on where it is and how severe the cancer is spreading is going to depend on how long you are going to live.

prostate cancer is a major concern among American doctors today, for men. On the other hand for woman doctors are very concerned with breast cancer for woman. These two cancer types that I have just named are the most deadly forms of cancer here in the united states. We acquire cancer through environmental pollution, as well as not properly taking care of our health. Some types of cancers are completely unavoidable and are sometimes unknown to doctors on how it was acquired. Brain cancer for instance is one that is known to doctors to be the most difficult type of cancer to understand. Psychological effects are common among cancer patients, it affects how the patient behaves while having cancer and what the patient is to expect with death and how to handle it.

In some cases patients that acquire cancer are prone to sometimes having certain parts of body that is affected by cancer to be removed. For instance breast cancer that is in woman, sometimes requires to have either one or both of the breast removed. The psychological affect that the woman has may be severe depression, guilty, insomnia, and in some cases they feel like committing suicide. Sometimes cancer patients may have a change in attitude when it comes to family. There role and status in the family may change because of the illness and is sometimes not acceptable by the patient there for the patient comes to a point where he/she wants to commit suicide because they feel like there disease is never going to be cured. Suicide is not always chosen by cancer patients. 25 percent of all persons who commit suicide in hospitals are cancer patients, who only make up about 12 percent of any hospitals population.

It is an important factor for psychologists to take a better look at these problems that are associated with cancer patients, so that the patient will have a better understanding on what he/she has and be more comfortable and confident to fight to survive. In my opinion I think that the emotional part of this is ignored and should be focused on more than what it is. Dealing with cancer I could only imagine it to be so difficult for the patient to deal with. I could sit and write about this problem and things that are associated with this issue and be confident in what I am writing, but I am not completely understanding what a patient goes through, what his feelings are like and what viewpoints he has towards life , it must be horrifying to know that your days on earth are limited.