Cancer is the #1 killer in America. It is a group of more than 100 different diseases characterized
by the abnormal growth of altered body cells. The cells grow out of control and throughout the body.
Cancer affects many lives. 50% of American men and 33% of American women will have some form of
cancer sometime during his or her lifetime. Fortunately there are cures available. Unfortunately, they don't
always work. In the following paragraphs I will explain more about this deadly disease.

Almost everyone's lives have been touched by cancer. 1, 340, 000 new cases of cancer are
expected this year alone. 560, 000 of these cases will be fatal. Cancer was once thought to be a womans
disease. But many men have had cancer to. Cancer does not only happen to adults. Kids may also be
affected by this disease. As you can see, anyone can get cancer, so read on for more details.

If you think you have cancer, you may be experiencing these bodily changes. At first you may
have persistent bruising, fatigue, and persistent fever. If you have always had these problems, it doesn't
mean you have cancer. I you really think you have cancer you may be experiencing other bodily changes.
Theses symptoms include but are not limited to, sores, anemia, repeated infections, lumps, and indigestion.
If you have one of these symptoms, a good idea is to have yourself examined. Remember, if you have
always had these problems, its probably not cancer. As you can see, cancer is a deadly but detectable

There are treatments for cancer. One is surgery. Doctors can remove the tumor or amputate the
part of the body that the tumor is located in. Another is radiation. Doctors use gamma rays to kill the cancer
cells. A third is hormone therapies. In this case the Doctors use hormones to stimulate the immune system
which in turn works harder to kill the cancer cells. The treatments are not always successful, but they may
prolong life or even cure the disease.

As you can see cancer is a horrible and destructive disease. It has no useful purpose and it robs the
body of nutrients. These nutrients are vital to one's survival. Pay attention to your body and its needs. If you
think you might have cancer, see a doctor. Cancer awareness and early detection are the key to surviving
this disease. The more you know, the more power you have against cancer.