California Vehicle Emission Standards

California Vehicle Emission Standards is how California regulates and helps to improve air pollution and other environmental situations. Emissions from an individual car are generally low, relative to the smokestack idea that some of the population have associated with air pollution. But in some cities around the country the car is actually the single greatest polluter as there are millions of cars on the road today.
Air pollution is a major environmental problem today. It has drastically affected our environment and it has taken a drastic effect on animals, wildlife and humans alike. Everyday pollution occurs at a rapid pace. Scientists have been hypothesizing about possible theories that could happen to our Earth if the effects of pollution continue. Air pollution is not the only type, there are also many other types of pollution that effect our World today.
Water, air, and toxic pollution are a few of the major types of pollution we have presently. One theory that scientist believe will happen is the "Green House Effect". This theory is based on air pollution and how it effects the O-zone layer. With the increase of carbon dioxide and other various molecules, the ultra-violet rays from the sun are absorbed and trapped inside our atmosphere causing a global warming effect that could even raise the temperature of the entire world a few degrees. This effect could cause the polar ice caps the melt causing world wide flooding. As you can see pollution has an extremely bad effect on our environment and must be stopped immediately!!
Every year across the state of California people who own cars are required to have an annual smog check. This smog check helps to regulate the air pollution that plagues us constantly. In a Smog test they test for the amount of emission that the car produces and if it is too much you fail and must fix the problem before being legally allowed to drive it. Every year the emission standards are getting better though. This is good news for environmentalist as they have been complaining for years about the amount of air pollution in California, specifically Los Angeles.
With all of the advancements made in the automotive industry, pollution will become less drastic to our environment from cars. As you probably already know they are moving towards electric cars along with safer sources of automobile combustion fuels. One example would be of how Bill Clinton challenged the automotive industry to produce a car that will get 90 miles to the gallon; with that kind of improvement there will be many positive affects. However, we do not know what the future holds as this technological advancement might bring about other environmental problems.