Cakebread Wines

The technology however is not only used in the administration departments, but in the production department, and in the field, where the most valuable data is gathered. As we are told sensors are dipped into the soil, in order to detect moisture levels. This is important as it detects when watering is needed. This sort of technology is important as it ensures that the best quality of wine is delivered to the all important customer.

Any good business thrives on the efficiency of good and accurate communication. This is particularly important if the company is spread over a large geographical area, as is likely in this case, as the offices may not be in the same location as the actual growing of the grapes. In this case the communication between, the administrators and the growers is important. That is why there is need for the Novell local area network, along which the all important data collected in the field travels to the administrators who can then turn it into information needed to determine the efficiency with which the company is running.

As mentioned earlier, the data collected must be turned into information so that it makes some sort of sense. A process called analysis does this. Where data gathered is analysed, i.e. by the computer software, in order to tell the employee for example that it is time to water the vines, in that particular catchment area.

Once this information is gathered it must be displayed clearly in order to be read and understood, by the recipient, whether it is the grower, or the winemaker. Therefore it must be displayed in tabular or graphical format in order to make it easy and interesting for the reader to comprehend. Usually, numerical information is displayed using tables, and also charts/graphs, in order to easily determine what the information is about.

The people to benefit most from the information gathered are the growers as the are producing the product. So if the information makes it easier and more efficient to produce the product then it will mean a better quality product, probably produced at a lower price, in the long run, due to the introduction of technology. This then reflects in the popularity in the product on the shop floor.

However, efficiency is also needed in the administration department, as the marketers need to be able to promote the product on itís merits, which can be clearly distinguished through itís growing results.

This leads on to the next point about the communication, the easy transfer of data means, accurate and accessible data. This can be handy when promoting the product as the marketing team can use information about growing techniques, to allow the purchaser, a three dimensional view of the product they are planning to buy. This can enhance the experience and educate the buyer as to what they are buying and where it comes from.

As Cakebread are using a local area network they need to take into consideration the aspect of security. This can be done by the installation of firewalls, which can only allow access to certain parts of networks, by certain people, this is only necessary however if there is access to larger and wider networks. The simple incorporation of passwords and usernames for certain members of staff may be more appropriate, in this case. Therefore staff at the production level need only be able to access data about the vines themselves, whereas the accountants need only have access to all the financial aspects of the company, therefore, reducing the risk of corruption of data, by wide access.

Again, as already touched on above, the issue of quality. Not only is the quality of the product important, but also more so is the quality of the information received at the field level, as this ultimately decides the quality of the product.

It is important to maintain the effectiveness of the equipment being used. This improves the readings received and therefore, improves quality. A lot of the results received depend on the quality of the equipment used; therefore good investment is often crucial.