Buying a new home? Well there is many to choose from. Because it's the 90's, any

kind of home you ever wanted, you could probably find. From tiptop spacious mansions, to the

small and confortable mobile homes. Anything, with a touch of your own style can be 'home

sweet home'. Sometimes looking for a home doesbecome difficult. The time, money, and

decisions to their needs, make it hard to quickly buy or rent. Many go through agents, while

others go through magazines, others are lucky and they just drive and find. To narrow the

selection of thousands of different kinds of homes, we've focused on three major types homes that

are most popular to the first time home buyers: Apartments, Condos, and the One story house.

If you are low on budget, it's great to start off with an apartment. Apartments usually are

one to two bedrooms, a living room, one to two bathrooms, and a kitchen. It's nice for a small

family, or a group of two or three friends if just moving out, and starting to college. Depending

on where it's located you can find a nice apartment for a fair price. Some even come with

furniture in the homes, so you would not even need to buy any. Most of the apartments have the

accommodation of a nearby pool, and a washer and dryer room. Other larger apartments can

even have a additional playground for younger children, basketball courts, tennis courts, and even

a gym. By living in an apartment you can take the advantages of these benefits. Apartments are

everywhere, so it's not hard to find the one that accommodates you the best.

Condos aren't really considered an apartment, yet they look like, and they can be. It's

like a bigger, fancier apartment, and higher priced. They are a bit more roomy, and can be one to

two stories high. Having two to four bedrooms, a living room, one to two bathrooms, and a

kitchen, it can be considered as a small two story house. Some people do prefer a first and

second level as additional moving room. The difference between the apartment and the condo, is

that you can buy a condo, like a house. Although a condo can cost as much as a house, it does

give you more privacy than an apartment. Most condos do have a small front and a back yard,

and they are semi-close together. Yet, it's still confortable living, and they aren't so closely

packed together as an apartment can be. Modern condos now are quite pleasant and very


First time home buyers usually like the one story house. It is good for families that

have younger children. A condo can be harder since sometimes there are stairs, and an apartment

may not be big enough. A one story house can have extra space needed inside, and they are

not as close together as an apartment or a condo on the outside. One advantage about a

house is that you can rent it like an apartment or condo, stay there for as long as you would like,

and then move on to another home. These houses usually consist of two to five bedrooms, a

living room, dining room, one to two bathrooms, and a kitchen. Some of the older houses even

have a den. Another advantage of a house is that you would also have a front and back yard that

is more than 30 feet wide. If you were interested in buying a house, you can also modify it in

many different ways to fit your needs, unlike the other two homes. From adding another room,

taking out a wall, or putting in a pool. Something that is defiantly out for a apartment, and only

semi-possible for a condo. Houses are moderately more expensive, but if you look around,

you can probably find some one story houses cheaper than apartments and condos.

The best thing to do, is find a location where you'd like to have a house, condo or an

apartment. One just needs to compare prices, look at the pro and cons, and read the fine print.

Real Estates Agents can help with your search. You just need to tell them a near at hand kind of

home you want. Magazines