In “Butterflies” Grace is trying to expose the girl’s way of thinking in these lines “I killed all the butterflies, “she read. “This is me and this is all the butterflies.” (14.16-17).

The first time I when read this poem, I was kind of stuck on these lines because killing something is really a harsh thing and I didn’t understand why she killed those beautiful creatures for her assignment. After re read the poem quiet a few times, I finally got my answer from her grandfather where he said

“Because you see,” the grandfather said, “your teacher, she buy all her cabbages from the super market and that’s why.” (14.25-26).

Actually in this poem, the poet showed a really well behaved and wisely image of the grand father, especially the way he talks. In fact in the above line he had clarified that the teacher and his granddaughter, both were right on their places. They both had different point of views.

I think, in these lines Grace wanted to say that the teacher didn’t has to face the distraction caused by the butterflies to the cabbage garden because she did her shopping from the supermarket. I believe that the little girl really love her grandparents who are so caring and kind that she couldn’t bear the distraction caused by butterflies and that’s the reason why the little girl killed the butterflies.