Business Skills

1st question p.292 ex.6.3

I choosed the managerial area in the car dealership job. In this job I would be a product manager. To be sure let’s choose Opel car manufacture in Germany, to be an employee there you must have an overall overview, review of the GM company and the 1st importance is to know the difference between the GM europe and the American products. The candidate must know English and German, must have an international Diploma of University and the candidate have to come from EU country, if not than the worker should live in Germany to get the working permit. If an employee wants to be a product manager in Hungary and he/she is Hungarian then the employment is easier, because he/she can get the job without any permit and German language knowledge. The interview is more strict in Germany, they use more trick against the applicant. If someone have good connection or relationship they can get the job more easier, if I want to be a product manager in the German opel manufacture, than I have less chance to get there, there is a main raison why they wouldn’t choose me even if I have more skills and knowledge, because I’m not German, so if I want to get that job it would be under 10%. That’s the same situation: if a Romanian applicant wanted to be a product manager in Opel Magyarország Rt.

To seek via Internet for a job is harder than in Express or any other newspapers. We can find job in and there is an ABC order and selectation of specific jobs, we can seek in the web where we want to get a job eg. or in We can find international sites like: or and in these webs we can check out the requirements and general news about the job.

2nd question

If I seek for any job in Pizza hut than the locations would be: to search for pizza hut is or and, to make sure about pizza hut’s web site we should seek on, or we can find jobs on or in

3rd question

I would send pop-ups via Internet to the besides the job seeker web pages. I would refresh the job advertisements and I would open a link to the current site which could show the unfilled job or the current opportunities and requirements for the seekers. I would create a new, designed web page which could be easilyí handled.