Business Plan Component

Section: 3

Subject: Information Technology

Company Name: Citigroup Travelers


Weekly Stock Prices: 29.27

The corporation\'s web page is about what they look for in suppliers. First, the quality should be very good since Citigroup is promising good services and products. Customer focus is also important to the corporation because companies and people could "extend the same or better customer service goal and objectives." For a successful corporation to be successful, maximum profits should be obtained, which is why cost saving is so important to the firm. Technology should be taken full advantage of to do work efficiently. The suppliers in return could expect information, access, fair treatment, and feedback.

For investors, the web page is quite useful. It has updates of the prices of Citigroup in the stock market. It provides good and clear information. It shows accurate information that could possibly affect the stock market price of Citigroup, such as how the spin off of Travelers Property Casualty brought Citigroup prices to a rise.

For customers, they can easily access for a variety of services for different countries around the world on the web page. There is a Our Businesses section on the web page for customers who wants to use services within the corporation. A list of companies were shown such as citibank. citi credit cards, citi financial, citi mortgage, citi insurance, travelers life and annuity, primerica, saloman smith barney, banamex citigroup, diners club international, citigroup asset management, citigroup private bank, and citi capital. Each link gives a general background of what the company does and provides an additional link to their own web page.

For employees, they can submit a profile online if they wish to be a part of Citigroup. Useful information could be searched throughout the site. For others, you could also browse through jobs to see which one interests you.